Gran Turismo 7 update reveals new cars and circuit

Gran Turismo 7 update reveals new cars and circuit Featured Image

Gran Turismo 7 Just announced a new free update for tonight, Friday 22 June at 11 p.m. pacific. The new content will include cars, Watkins Glen International Circuit circuit, and three extra menus.

Here’s the tweet from PlayStation’s official feed, which includes a short trailer with footage of the latest additions:

The industry tends to underestimate the importance of racing games, but Gran Turismo consistently proves how popular the genre is and what it’s capable of. This franchise is a great example of how to balance entertainment and simulation.

The authenticity level Gran Turismo 7’s new content for today’s 1.17 patch is stunning, beginning with the Watkins Glen International Circuit. This New York course is known as “The Glen”, and another ripe opportunity for racing enthusiasts to experience something historic.

Cars that are new or returning

First up is the Suzuki V6 Escudo Pikes Peak Special ’98, a welcome surprise that’ll offer up plenty of nostalgia for longtime fans. Gran Turismo is many players’ first racing game, especially since it tends to bundle up with new console launches.

It’s likely that the Suzuki classic will be easy for people to recall. The official blog mentions all of the specs, which have been designed to “maximize performance”.

Next up is a version of the Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo that’s optimized for Gr.3 regulations, which are inspired by real life limits on horsepower, weight, and more to maintain fair races. The Vision was designed to increase downforce.

Lastly, Gran Turismo 7 The 1932 Ford Roadster will be added to the collection. It is one of the most well-known designs in the world. This classic hot rod was used to bring together car enthusiasts.

This pays homage to a golden age of mainstream pop culture, and although it’s a different experience, it’s absolutely worthwhile.

You can also find a few new cafe menus for tonight’s players, including the Toyota 86 and Honda Type R, as well as the Rotary Engine Collections. Read more Gran Turismo 7 Find out more about racing in our news section.

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