Goth Marathi Serial Cast, Get Complete Details About Goth Marathi Serial Cast Name List

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Goth Marathi Serial

Goth, a Star Pravah-produced serial that focuses on women’s strengths in rural environments, is another woman-oriented serial. Goth’s first television broadcast was on October 10. Rupal Nand, the lead female role, is young and a good choice for the part. Radha plays the role of the female lead. Rupal Nand, a native Punean, plays her. Abhishekh Basu (the younger brother of Anurag Basu who is a well-known Bollywood director) will be directing the television series. After two years of keeping viewers interested with its twists and turns, the final episode of the television series will air on September 16.


Goth Marathi Serial Cast

Specifications Details
Rupal Nand Radha
Sameer Paranjape Vilas
Neelkanti Patekar Bayo Aaji
Kshama Deshpande Bayo Aaji (Replacement)

Goth Marathi Serial Actress Name

Rupal Nand

Rupal Nand, an actress, is well-known for her roles as Shrimantaa Gharchi sunn and Mumbai, Pune, Mumbai 3 (2018). (2020). Rupal Nand, Marathi actress, gained popularity with Shrimantaa Gharchi sunn. Everyone loved her portrayal as Ananya on the show. Marathi actress known as Shrimanta Gharchi Suun. Recently Rupal Nand posted a Thank-You message to her followers on social media. She was Radha, the main character of the Rupal Nand Goth marathi serial.

Goth Marathi Serial Plot

Radha was the dhol at the beginning of the series, when Vilas and Bayo Aaji saw her for the first time. The final episode will continue this scene. The Goth plot features the love story between Radha and Vilas. Bayo Aaji is their antagonist in their romantic relationship. The creators are working hard to create a spectacular final episode. Radha, the main character takes on the challenge to hold her breath underwater for an extended period of time. Radha successfully completes the challenge by staying submerged for an extended time.


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