Golden Kamuy Season 4 Episode 3 Recap and Ending, Explained

Within the 3rd episode of ‘Golden Kamuy’ season 4 titled ‘The Odor of Sulfur,’ the tale turns against the Noboribetsu Hell Valley the place the seventh Department sends their wounded and ill to heal. Whilst mountain climbing to a secluded sizzling spring within the mountains, Personal Rikimatsu Ariko comes throughout a mysterious guy who later became out to be some of the escaped prisoners from the Abashiri Jail. Right here’s the entirety you want to grasp in regards to the finishing of ‘Golden Kamuy’ season 4 episode 3. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Golden Kamuy Season 4 Episode 3 Recap

Noboribetsu is considered one of Hokkaido’s biggest sizzling springs spaces and the place the springs supposedly have therapeutic homes. Subsequently, after the Sino-Jap and Russo-Jap wars, the seventh Department would ship its ill and wounded to recuperate there. Whilst Nikaido and Usami are playing the recent tub at considered one of Noboribetsu’s standard waterfalls, they’re approached through the warrant officer, Kikuta. There the duo learns in regards to the atypical enjoy of Personal Rikimatsu Ariko, who went up upper within the mountains to secluded sizzling springs that simplest the Ainu find out about.

It seems that Ariko noticed a mysterious guy dressed in a snow geta and garments with an strange trend. Then again, on account of the darkness, he couldn’t determine a lot about him. Later that night time, in addition they enquire about the similar with a blind masseur who guarantees to inform them if he reveals out one thing. In the meantime, Ariko asks an outdated Ainu girl in regards to the strange trend, who tells him that they have been tattoos now not garments. Kikuta sooner or later manages to search out the secluded sizzling spring, the place he catches the person that Ariko had most definitely noticed.

It seems that his is known as Anji Toni and he’s a member of Hijikita’s team. After studying that some officials of the seventh Department have been making an attempt to be informed in regards to the mysterious guy noticed close to a sizzling spring within the mountains, Toni has get a hold of a plan to take care of his enemies for just right. Once he spots Kikuta, Toni tries to shoot him now not realizing that the warrant officer has additionally come ready. Quickly a struggle for existence breaksout within the mountains with Ariko becoming a member of his comrades. Despite the fact that Toni’s males are quickly taken down, he himself manages to escape after escaping from a tunnel.

Golden Kamuy Season 4 Episode 3 Finishing: What’s the Misplaced March of Mt. Hakkoda? Why Does Kikuta Blindly Accept as true with Ariko?

After Kikuta and Ariko understand that Toni controlled to flee from the opposite finish of the tunnel and is now most definitely going to cover someplace within the hills, the latter takes it upon himself to search out the tattooed prisoner and kill him. In the meantime, Ariko advises Kikuta to stick in the back of and handle injured Usami who was once shot within the leg. Despite the fact that Usami is skeptical of the speculation, Kikuta explains that he trusts Ariko to take care of the placement. His religion stems from the truth that he was once some of the participants of the Mt. Hakkoda seek celebration.


When Aomori fifth Infantry Regiment was once doing iciness coaching, two years prior to the Russo-Jap struggle, a horrible hiking twist of fate came about on Mt. Hakkoda wherein 199 males misplaced their lives. Naturally, seek events have been despatched searching for the misplaced males and so they bravely tolerated the tough chilly climatic prerequisites and taken our bodies from there. Ariko was once some of the Ainu introduced again from Hakkoda that night time. Since he is aware of the snow-covered valleys higher than any individual else, that’s why Kikuta is assured that he’ll take down Toni by myself.

Is Anji Toni Lifeless?

After deciding to apply Anji Toni, on his personal, Ariko makes use of his working out of the close by area to push him right into a entice. He is aware of that Toni is depending totally on his listening to to determine his place, so he makes use of that to his benefit. He breaks a number of branches on his manner, intelligently guiding his enemy to an avalanche-prone area. When he has in spite of everything will get Toni the place he needs, he fires at a number of issues close to him which reasons an avalanche. A couple of days later, Kikuta in spite of everything reveals Ariko who has now not advised any of his comrades that he was once nonetheless alive.


As a present, Ariko gifts the warrant officer with Toni’s pores and skin with tattoos completely well-preserved. He argues that Toni was once buried within the snow to the purpose that it was once not possible to hold his frame again. Subsequently, he took the a part of the outside this is importatnt for them. Kikuta is worked up that they now have simply the proper reward to offer to Lieutenant Tsurumi. In some of the scenes, Ariko is even proven status close to the supposedly useless Toni. However regardless of the entire proof, it seems Anji Toni continues to be very a lot alive. Then again, the audience must wait and learn the way in long run episodes.

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