Girl Scout Cookie Scam, Check Father-Daughter Girl Scout Cookie Scandal

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Long Island police are investigating a suspicious Girl Scout cookie scam. Many Suffolk County residents are unhappy because they gave money for a child who was accompanied with an adult but never received cookies.

CBS2’s Carolyn Gusoff reported that the children are more worried about their safety than missing cookies. Patchogue’s Kevin Zasowski stated, “She was just too cute.” She was so cute, you couldn’t resist. 

Zasowski claims that the child was just as attractive as Girl Scout cookies. One of many people believes he was a victim of a cookie scam that was caught on camera.

In mid-April, the man and child made their rounds through Shirley and Patchogue. Police in Suffolk claim they’ve received at most 11 reports and are investigating whether the two were linked.

One resident said she had paid $20 for the playdate and was a good-hearted person.

There is speculation that there may be a reason, but Girl Scout cookies must have been given by now and money should not be collected up front.

Long Island police are investigating a cookie fraud involving a father and daughter team that went door to door asking for money and promising to deliver Girl Scout cookies. According to Suffolk County authorities the truth is that the father-daughter team took the money upfront but never delivered the cookie orders.

Zasowski is a Patchogue resident.  He claims that in April, a polite child between the ages of 5 and 6 called him at his home to inquire if he wanted to buy Girl Scout cookies.

Zasowski, a Boy Scout and former Scout leader, was happy to assist. Zasowski stated, “It is not the money. It’s the cookies. It’s what this man is teaching his daughter. This is a life of crime.

He gave her $20 and placed an online order for four boxes. A man claiming to have been the girl’s father smoked outside.

Police say that the father and daughter are now suspects of running a cookie fraud that reached across Lake Ronkonkoma as well as Bohemia and Patchogue, Shirley and Mastic.

All victims are encouraged to report to the police by the Suffolk County Girl Scouts. They also promise to honor any fake orders.

Suffolk County police say that at least 11 people have come forward alleging they received Girl Scout Cookies from their local Girl Scout Council earlier this year. However, the residents were not given any cookies or crumbs in return.

Girl Scouts, which worked together with police to warn people about the scam, now donate the famous delicacies for those who have lost their money.

According to Suffolk police, the crimes took place in Patchogue and Shirley, Lake Ronkonkoma and Bohemia between February and May. They were reported to authorities by Saturday and Monday. A man accompanied a girl in certain incidents while the girl did not act alone in other.

“Nothing is more disappointing that not getting your Girl Scout cookies,” said the Girl Scout Council of Suffolk County after receiving complaints and seeing others on social media. It stated that it would provide cookies to anyone who placed a bogus order with the adult cookie seller or his young accomplice.

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