Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 10th November 2022 Written Update: Sai determines to get Savi back

The episode starts beginning with Virat and Vinayak watching over Savi. The latter becomes conscious and is looking at Virat. She inquires what happened to her mom Sai as he tries to distract her from the issue and explains that she continues to be ill with fever. He expresses his concern for Savi as she states that Sai did not leave her when she was sick, and declares that she is in her presence all the time. Virat does not discuss Sai and says that Savi needs to take a break to heal. Vinayak and Virat show their concern for Sai and cheer Savi by talking about playing together.

In this scene, Savi becomes excited for her time together with Virat as well as Vinayak. She inquires whether Virat will be there and meet her needs He promises. In the meantime, Pakhi comes there and listen to their exchange. She becomes agitated and Vinayak requests her to prepare an item for Savi. She reluctantly agrees to his request and heads into the kitchen. She is constantly thinking of Savi and Virat’s connection.

Pakhi begins to prepare the food when she gets flashes of Virat’s confession. She remembers how Virat informed them of Savi as his child. She also recalls Virat telling them that he’ll never allow Sai be near his daughter, and vows to discipline her. Virat says he’ll indulge Savi in order to get her to ignore Sai.

And in another place, Pakhi mistakenly burns her dupatta when she is thinking about Virat. Then, Ashwini arrives and is stunned by Pakhi’s condition. She immediately spits water onto Pakhi’s dress , and then puts out the flame. She expresses her concern for Pakhi as he breaks down before Ashwini. She is also expressing her anxiety while Ashwini is crying along with Pakhi.

Pakhi claims that after a certain time , everything changed. She recalls celebrating the victory of Vinayak and then Virat revealed the truth about Savi having been his son. She’s furious at Sai for obfuscating what she knows about her. She says that they all know Sai isn’t a liar. She breaks down over her and Virat’s love affair as Ashwini is trying to console her.

As you go, Sai keeps shouting inside the interrogation area. She declares that she wants Savi back and claims that Virat is unable to prevent her daughter from her. She continues to shout at police officers, asking them to let her go. While, Virat and Vinayak prepares an area for Savi and Savi is excited upon seeing the tent. While they are there, Pakhi gives them food and Vinayak expresses concern when he sees the burnt pakhi’s dupatta. Pakhi.

Pakhi has a reason to be blaming Pakhi has an excuse to make, while Virat ignores her. Vinayak is also in along with Savi as well as Virat and they play together. Pakhi is able to leave the premises feeling dejected. In the meantime, Usha comes to Sai and Sai declares she will do whatever it takes to bring the daughter she lost back. She declares that she will not let Virat succeed in his scheme and reminisces the entire time she spent of her time with Savi. She says that Virat cannot take away her rights from Savi while Usha declares that she should have informed Virat regarding the facts earlier.

Furthermore, Sai keeps shouting inside the interrogation chamber while police officers inform Virat about the situation. He allows Sai to make a phone call according to her rights, and the officer hands her the telephone. While they are at it, Virat gets Savi checked by a doctor, and he assures her that she’ll be well shortly. Virat remembers how Savi assisted Vinayak to complete the race, and he claims that afterward she developed her heat stroke. Virat takes care of Savi while she gets excited. Pakhi confronts Virat as he decides to reveal Savi the whole truth.

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