Game Of Thrones: The Biggest Book And Series Differences

When a book is adapted into a movie or series, it’s obvious that there might be some changes in the story or characters. There might be unexpected changes. We accept it, albeit with a heavy heart, that we won’t get to experience all the things that happened in a book on the big screen, and that’s okay. We might cringe while watching these adaptations and judge them brutally for never reaching the standards books’ set in our hearts and minds because what else can you expect from hardcore readers?

We can still be decent people and bear these hardships.  Unless that movie or show decides to make changes such as Peeta becoming a diluted version of the hero he is in the book, or Dobby not getting the praise he deserved because he helped Harry Potter. Then, we won’t be responsible for our actions. You might find that this list is not interesting enough to explain why books are superior to these adaptations. This list may be. This list will reveal some of the most significant Game Of Thrones series and books differences.

Game of Thrones is based upon George R.R. Martin’s A Song Of Ice and Fire novel. Martin. David Benioff and D.B. The show was created by David Benioff and D.B. There were more than 70 episodes and eight seasons. The show had many changes in order to suit the story. Let’s find out the differences.

Game Of Thrones’ Biggest Book and Series Differences Cr. Otakukart

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The Age Of Kids

As far as the basic thing like the age of characters goes, GOT completely “got” it wrong. Stark and Royal children are shown as much older than their real ages in books. Jon and Robb were 14 when they appeared in the book, but Jon is now 17 years old. Bran was 7 in the books and Rickon was just 3 years old. The age of the Royal children, Joffrey and Myrcella, has been also increased by three.

Talisa Maegyr’s Death

Robb’s wife, Talisa, who gets stabbed through her pregnant belly, is undoubtedly the most horrific scene the show could have decided to shoot. Talisa, Jeyne’s wife, was not present at the Red Wedding and she survived. Talisa, Jeyne in the books, attends the Red Wedding and ends up dying.

Where is Lady Stonehart located? A.K.A. Resurrected Catelyn Stark

One thread the show completely ignored was Lady Stonehart, a resurrected Catelyn stark. Despite the eight-season run of GOT, she has never appeared on the show. She is still part of the show’s history, even though she has her throat cut and her eyes coiled.

Game Of Thrones Biggest Book And Series Differences

Game Of Thrones’ Biggest Book and Series Differences Cr. Otakukart

Jaime and Bronn: Off to Dorne

The fifth season sees Jaime and Bronn being sent down to Dorne. The story was badly altered to avoid adding new characters. It was once again the most disappointing aspect of the season.

Sansa And Jeyne’s Story 

GOT seems stubborn about making changes that could cause controversy and disappoint fans. One such change was the way they combined Sansa’s story with Jeyne Poole’s. It is actually Jeyne, who suffered at Ramsay Bolton’s hands, so transferring her rape/abuse onto Sansa might not be the wisest decision they made.

Game Of Thrones Biggest Book And Series Differences

Game Of Thrones’ Biggest Book and Series Differences Cr. Otakukart

Aegon Targaryen Isn’t Dead, It Seems 

It was revealed in the book A Dance With Dragons that Prince Aegon Targaryen wasn’t really dead. Varys took him away to conceal him from the world, and brought him back in time to reclaim throne. It was a crucial point as it could have meant he would claim the Iron Throne. The show ignored this thread as it missed other important points. These are only a few of many things that the showmakers made changes to while filming Game of Thrones. It might not mean much to those who haven’t read the series. For fantasy fans, however, this might be a difficult pill to swallow.

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