Game Of Thrones Targaryen Family Tree Explained: From Aegon The Conqueror To Jon Snow

“Game of Thrones,” a popular HBO series that wowed fans during its eight-season run, was created from George R. R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” book series by showrunners D.B. Weiss, David Benioff. Despite being a fallen dynasty at the beginning of the show’s and the books’ stories, House Targaryen is a significant figure in Westeros history in this epic fantasy. The family’s history is complex, wide-ranging, and filled with incest. As a result, it can be challenging to keep the Targaryen family tree organized, but that’s why we’re here.

In order to give you a summary of the most important members of this royal family and the most significant historical events that occurred during their reign, we have mapped the House of the Dragon’s bloodline. This summary serves as a solid, thorough overview of the Targaryen family tree; if we provided you with every little detail, we’d be here until the next year and you’d likely have one killer headache. This will also help you in tracing the history of the once-powerful empire, from its creation to its peak to its gradual and agonizing fall and, finally, to the violent and devastation-filled aftermath (which is where the storyline shown in the tv show and the books really starts). 

Here’s Game Of Thrones Targaryen Family Tree Explained:

Aegon the Conqueror

Aegon was also known as Aegon and the Dragon. He was the First Targaryen to overthrow the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. Aegon, along with his sister-wives Rhaenys, Visenya and fellow dragonriders Visenya, conquered six of these seven realms during War of Conquest. He also aided three dragons and an army. The only region that resisted was Dorne, which used armed resistance to survive for a few hundred years before joining the rest of the continent voluntarily through the marriages of Maron Martell & Princess Daenerys and Myriah Martell & King Daeron II.

Game Of Thrones Targaryen Family Tree Explained – Aegon The Conqueror and his Wives/Sisters

Notably, Aegon is also responsible for building King’s Landing and for forging the enormous Iron Throne, the ruler’s seat, from the dragonfire-melted swords of his defeated enemies. When Ser Jorah Mormont (Iain Glen) and Daenerys discuss Aegon’s extensive conquest in Season 1 of the show, Jorah blames Aegon for doing so, claiming the man had no claim or right. Daenaerys thinks Aegon’s dragons were the deciding factor, while Jorah is skeptical of the existence of such creatures. The events that unites the kingdoms took place so long ago. Jorah feels that the idea of dragons actually exists is something that would be out of place in a fairytale.

Aegon IV

Aegon IV is the next in the Targaryen family. He is sometimes called Aegon the Unworthy as he is widely considered to be the worst ruler of the dynasty’s history. The twelfth Protector for the Realm was vain and corrupt. He was lusty and gluttonous and had numerous mistresses. Targaryen rule threatened Targaryen’s other kingdoms when Aegon IV legalized his illegitimate kids on his deathbed. However, his children Daeron & Daenerys helped Targaryen control over the seven realms via the union of Dorne with the rest of the continent through their marriages with Martells.

Aegon IV

Game Of Thrones Targaryen Family Tree Explained – Aegon IV

Perhaps he did it for his son Daemon, who was the result of the king’s close relationships with Queen Daena, his cousin and mistress. Daemon was after all said to be Aegon IV’s favorite kid. Daemon established House Blackfyre to confirm his House of the Dragon status and proclaim himself the legitimate heir to the Iron Throne, dividing allegiances and starting a civil war in his quest for the throne upon his new status as the acknowledged son of a ruling—and dying—king. While Daemon himself lost his life in the first Blackfyre Rebellion’s Battle of the Redgrass Field, his heirs adopted his cause and sparked a campaign that lasted for 60 years. Overall, this individual is a deserving king. Aegon IV appears to have some similarities with King Henry VIII.

Aegon V

King Daeron II, who died from the Great Spring Sickness, left the throne in the hands of his son Aerys. His reign was plagued by hunger and many uprisings. Maekar, Aerys’ brother, was given the throne because Aerys had no offspring and his other brothers were either dead or plagued by the “Targaryen madness” that results from centuries of inbreeding. Aegon V, once 12th in line and called “Egg” by book fans and his older brother Aemon, then became Maekar’s unlikely heir as a result of one child’s death and another’s vows as a maester.

Aegon V

Game Of Thrones Targaryen Family Tree Explained – Aegon V and his sons

Martin depicts Aegon V’s early life through the prequel book series “Tales of Dunk and Egg,” which shows the young boy as he forms a relationship with and becomes the protege of Ser Duncan the Tall, who will become his future Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, and finds a deep empathy for the disadvantaged smallfolk.

Aegon IV increased taxes on wealthy people to help ensure financial stability. He was elected in the middle of winter. He ruled for 26 more years. The common people loved him, but the nobles began to dislike him. He married his sister in the television series. However, he later wed Betha Schwarzwood in the books. In both cases, he was praised because he supported liberal policies and passionate relationships, even though the implications were political. In the books, Prince Duncan (and his son Jaehaerys) succeeded him to the throne after they were killed in the Tragedy of Summerhall while trying to hatch ancient dragon eggs.

Aerys II: The Mad King

The HBO series’ creators retconned a few facts about this vast family tree in order to clarify the Targaryen heritage and make some familial ties simpler to understand. Books Aerys I is the son of Aegon V. He is not Aegon V’s grandson or grandson. Aerys is named the 16th Protector for the Realm, instead of Jaehaerys who was supposedly the 17th. This is due to Jaehaerys’s omission. Jaehaerys is a man who the books claim ruled Westeros for three years before he died from grief.

Aerys II

Game Of Thrones Targaryen Family Tree Explained – Aerys II

As you can see, it’s still a little challenging to keep track of the Targaryen dynasty whether you’re using the show’s mythology or the canon from the books. However, when a royal family is so focused on maintaining pure bloodlines that it marries their brothers and sisters, then that is what happens. These things become difficult. Aerys started out as a kind king who fought for his dad in the War of the Ninepenny Kings, but he fell prey to the “Targaryen madness.”

The Battle of Duskendale was his six-month imprisonment that marked the beginning of his ascend to dictatorship, cruelty and deceit. In an effort to hurt his old friend and steal away the man’s heir, he beat and raped his sister-wife, lusted for his Hand Tywin Lannister’s wife, and made Jaime Lannister a member of the Kingsguard. Because he saw himself as a dragon disguised in human form, he preferred to kill with fire. He was about to torch everything before Jaime stabbed and beat him.


All of Westeros highly awaited Rhaegar’s rule because he was the eldest child of King Aerys II and Queen Rhaella. In fact, everyone was prepared to put up with Aerys’ insanity for a little longer because they had such great expectations for what Rhaegar would accomplish for the realms. Rhaegar decided that his father would rule, rather than having to step in for him when he got more crazy. He thought that the little royal court could be kept stable until Rhaegar took over. Aerys continued to make his old friends, particularly the Lannisters into formidable enemies, despite growing lunacy and mistrust.

Game Of Thrones Targaryen Family Tree

Game Of Thrones Targaryen Family Tree Explained – Rhaegar

The increasingly worried Aerys II rejected the proposal of a union between his son Rhaegar and Hand Tywin’s daughter Cersei that may have strengthened the bond between House Lannister and House Targaryen out of fear that Hand Tywin might usurp him. Instead, the king arranged for Rhaegar and Elia Martell to get married (because of the fact that his heir had no sister to marry). The couple had two children together, Aegon, Rhaenys and Rhaenys. Rhaegar however had another love.

Lyanna Stark of Winterfell was brought to tears by Rhaeger’s harp during the Great Tourney at Harrenhal. Rhaeger spoke to Lyanna as the “Queen of Love and Beauty” and placed the winner’s wreath in front of the northern she-wolf after defeating Ser Barristan Selmy in a joust instead of giving it to his wife. Shortly thereafter, he ended his marital union with Elia Martell.

Queen Rhaella

As the sister and wife of Aerys II, the Mad King, in both of those universes, Queen Rhaella is the daughter of Jaehaerys in the books and Aegon V in the television series. She underwent a great deal of intimate abuse and violence during her relationship with her brother, as well as numerous miscarriages and stillbirths in the time between Rhaegar’s birth and Viserys. Rhaella fled to Dragonstone, the Targaryens’ ancestral home, with her remaining son Viserys after her oldest son, Rhaegar, was killed at the Battle of the Trident, while her cruel brother-husband perished in the Sack of King’s Landing.

Game Of Thrones Targaryen Family Tree

Game Of Thrones Targaryen Family Tree Explained – Queen Rhaella

After giving birth, she died from stress after giving birth to Daenerys. Later, Targaryen supporters transported the two of them across the Narrow Sea to where they lived in exile amongst the Free Cities. Rhaella is remembered in “A Song of Ice and Fire” as a kind mother who always tried to shield her kids from seeing the darkest parts of their father.


Viserys is one the few Targaryens that are alive at the beginning and end of the TV series. His character is portrayed as an unstable lunatic and is quite cruel towards his sister, since he holds their mother responsible for their death. He is the son Queen Rhaella II and Aerys II, and the brother to Daenerys as well as the late Rhaegar. Viserys was always looking for friends who could assist him in returning to Westeros to regain his Iron Throne. But he never made much progress and the brothers ended up wandering around the Free Cities. Viserys sometimes had to ask for food.

Game Of Thrones Targaryen Family Tree

Game Of Thrones Targaryen Family Tree Explained – Viserys

At the beginning of the show, Viserys and Daenerys meet Magister Illyrio Mpatis in Pentos. Viserys offers to send an army large enough for him across the Narrow Sea to attack the Seven Kingdoms. In return, Viserys arranges a marriage between Daenerys (the warlord Khal Dogo) and the Dothraki population. Viserys insists on traveling with the Dothraki until KhalDrogo fulfills his part of the contract. But by the time the group arrives at Vaes Dothrak he has lost his patience.

When Viserys poses a threat to Dany and her unborn baby with Khal Drogo while inebriatedly demanding what the lord promised him, Viserys suffers a brutal Season 1 death. The other man merely replies by promising to present Viserys with “a glittering crown that mankind will tremble to see.” Then, with Dany’s approval, Khal Drogo murders Viserys by soaking him in molten gold.


Daenerys (Emilia Clarke), the only girl of Queen Rhaella & the Mad King and the little sister of Viserys and Rhaegar, has what’s undoubtedly the most awesome name in all of Westeros and Essos. She refers to herself as “Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, the Unburnt,  First of Her Name, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons” in the official title that she has given herself.

Game Of Thrones Targaryen Family Tree

Game Of Thrones Targaryen Family Tree Explained – Daenerys

It is not hard to see why Daenerys chooses to use the first letter of her name when addressing herself. Daenerys had been meek and obedient to her creepy, evil brother. Daenerys struggles briefly to adjust to forced marriage she received in season one of the series.

Dany learns how to use her sexuality from her handmaiden, and begins to learn Dothraki language through her translator. This helps her to create a secure life and a strong position. Her unborn baby, her brother, and her love are all lost. However, she also frees slaves, gathers armies, and survives her husband’s funeral pyre unharmed, along with three newly hatched dragons. Unfortunately, Dany can’t avoid falling into “Targaryen madness” despite her resistance to fire (only in the show) and her success in freeing slaves.

Jon Snow

The son of Rhaegar and Lyanna, Jon Snow (born Aegon Targaryen) was raised as a member of House Stark and also as Ned Stark’s illegitimate son. Ned told his dying sister he will indeed raise her child as his own and cover the boy’s family roots, despite the embarrassment it would bring on himself and his wife. Jon/Aegon (Kit Harington), who is Rhaegar’s only child, is the rightful successor to the Iron Throne, but nobody—not even Jon—is aware that he carries both fire and ice in his blood.

Game Of Thrones Targaryen Family Tree

Game Of Thrones Targaryen Family Tree Explained – Jon Snow

He vows loyalty to the Night’s Watch after he reaches legal age. He ventures beyond the Wall, meets wildlings, witnesses the crimes of White Walkers and wights, and rises from death after being shot by mutinous soldiers to become Lord Commander. Jon, once again alive, is released from Night Watch duty and returns to Winterfell in order to assist Sansa Stark in retaking the North.

Dany is his nephew and he swears allegiance. At the conclusion of the HBO series, Jon puts duty over love and kills Dany to stop further carnage after witnessing her destroy a trapped King’s Landing with her dragon. After being briefly detained for his crimes, he is released and joins the wildlings to eliminate the last Targaryen of Westeros.

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