Fredboat Not Responding To Commands, How To Fix Discord Fredboat Not Responding To Commands?

What is Fredboat discord? 

Fredboat is a Discord bot that delivers high-quality music. Fredboat can play music directly from YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp and Twitch. It also supports playlists, live streams, and other streaming options. Instead of linking directly to a track, you can simply type the song name. The Fredboat allows users to put one song or all of the queue on repeat. 

Fredboat not responding to commands

Discord is one the most well-known and popular platforms. It allows users to communicate via voice messages and video calls with other users. Many Discord users have been experiencing Fredboat not responding to commands frequently. Fredboat was not responding to commands in recent days. This made it frustrating and annoying for them. Scroll down to see how to fix Fredboat Not Responding to Commands. 

How to Fix Fredboat Not Responding to Commands

Here are some ways Fredboat Does Not Respond To Commands can be fixed.

1) Modifying the Server Settings

Sometimes bots like Fredboat won’t work properly due to incorrect server settings. Make sure Fredboat is allowed to run on a particular server. You should also check the permissions settings and roles. Sometimes, you will need to ask the moderator if Fredboat can be used on the server. 

2) Interference from an External Source

Fredboat can also get affected by applications from outside sources. YouTube is one of the sources which blocked the use of  Fredboat. YouTube could also be a source that causes Fredboat to stop working properly. Fredboat works with Soundcloud, Spotify and other applications.

3) Change the Voice Region

Before you use the Discord Server, check your User Settings and your voice region. You can change the setting to another region. After a while it will be back to its original region. This will hopefully resolve Fredboat’s problems. 

4) Discord or Fredboat issues

Sometimes, these issues will result from the server issues from Discord and Fredboat’s end. If it’s a server error or problem, you should wait. Wait for a while and try again for some time once all the servers of  Discord and Fredboat is back. 


Discord is a platform to voice-over IP and instant messaging. It also allows for digital distribution. It allows users to communicate via voice messages and video calls with other members of the community called Servers. A server is a group or chat room that allows users to access voice chat channels and persistent chat rooms via invited links. Discord works with Windows, macOS. Android, iOS. iPadOS. Linux, and all web browsers. Discord had over 350 million registered users and 150 million monthly active members as of 2021. 

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