Frank Terlip Murder: Where is Henry Houston Now?

In the second half of Investigation Discovery’s ‘In Pursuit with John Walsh: Collateral Damage,’ the viewers learn about Frank Terlip’s tragic death in January 2020. He was a loving father who tried everything to save his child, but it ended in his death. The show delves into Frank’s life and the circumstances leading up to what happened that fateful morning. So, if you’re wondering what really happened, we’ve got you covered.

How Did Frank Terlip Die?

Frank Raymond Terlip was conceived in April 1953. He was a Colorado native who earned a degree in business in his home state. He later met Carol at a bowling alley. They were married June 1976, and had two children, Kristen and Brian. Frank received his MBA in California. The family later moved to Southlake Texas. He was described as a family man involved with the kids’ lives. Frank also enjoyed landscaping and politics.

Frank and Carol arrived in Lakeway Resort and Spa, Lakeway, Texas at 10 AM on January 18, 2020. They were looking for Kristen, their daughter. She was spotted with another man in the lot. Frank and the other man got into an argument, which led to Frank being placed in a chokehold. Frank was unconscious by the time police arrived and his resuscitation efforts failed. The chokehold caused the death of the 66-year old.

Frank Terlip was killed by who?

Henry Houston, who was 54 years old at the time was accused of attacking Frank. His relationship with Kristen was then revealed by the authorities. The show revealed that Kristen had bipolar disorder. She was working for her parents and living on her own. But the family was concerned when she didn’t come in to work one day in early January 2020. When Frank and Carol drove to Kristen’s house, they noticed her car was gone, but her medication was still at home.

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Once they couldn’t reach her over the phone, they filed for a missing person report. In the meantime, Frank and Carol got an alert about a new bank account being opened in Kristen’s name, an unusual development. According to the show, the parents contacted the bank and found out that Kristen had entered with another man. This was later revealed to be Henry. They were told by the manager that it felt as if she was being forced to be there.

Kristen and Henry were finally found at Lakeway Resort. According to the show, Kristen refused to go with the police when they went to do a wellness check. After that, Frank and Carol took matters into their own hands, driving down to the resort and waiting in the parking garage close to Kristen’s car on January 18, 2020. She and Henry arrived shortly after the incident.

The show stated that Kristen ran off after visiting her parents, while Henry put Frank in a chokehold. This ultimately led to Frank’s suicide. The authorities arrived and found Henry on Frank’s head. They had to seperate them. Henry was interviewed and stated that Frank had punched him several times. He had to put Frank in a chokehold and subdue him. Henry claims that Frank wanted to go unconscious because he was afraid the 66 year-old would attack again.

Henry also stated to authorities that he left Dallas, Texas with Kristen in order to escape Frank, whom he claimed was abusive. However, as per the show, Henry’s version of the events didn’t align with the findings. The autopsy showed a hemorrhage in Frank’s head, meaning he was knocked unconscious before he was choked out. Furthermore, a witness stated that Frank didn’t pose any threat to Henry during the assault.

Kristen shared with the audience that she met Henry in a cafe and they exchanged emails. Kristen felt that Henry was exploiting her and encouraging her to not take her medication. Kristen claimed that Henry tried to separate her from her family by saying they didn’t love her. Henry claimed that he was trying to advise Kristen about separating her assets and her family during a police interview. Ultimately, it seemed like Henry wanted to steal Kristen’s money; there were several charges on her credit card at the time.

Where is Henry Houston Today

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Henry was initially arrested in January 2020 for manslaughter. However, it was revealed on the show that Henry was later released on bond three months later due to the coronavirus epidemic. Henry did not appear for his court date, and it seemed that he disappeared into thin air. A woman reported to police that Henry had defrauded them in December 2020. After convincing her to invest, he took her money and vanished. Authorities believe Henry may be in Miami Beach, Florida or Birmingham, Alabama where he is known to have relatives. Henry is still unknown to authorities.

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