How to Automatically Forward Text Messages to Another Phone on Android & iPhone

Forward Text Messages To Another Phone Many people have gotten used to forwarding their email messages for the past twenty years. As technology improved, it is now possible to automatically forward messages from your iphone or android device to another phone.

You might want to send text messages to another number for a variety of reasons.

You can send all messages manually to any number of phones. It is however time-consuming.

This article will show you how to quickly forward text messages from one phone to another.

Sound’s good? Let’s get started.

How to Automatically Forward Text Messages to Another Phone on Android & iPhone

1. Forward Text Messages – Third Party App

You can send your text messages to different numbers using a variety of third-party apps. Some services are available for free, while others require a premium subscription.

The premium versions allow you to send as many messages and as many numbers you wish.

These apps are less free. There are many text message forwarding applications that allow you to send your messages from your phone.

These apps also allow you to delete unwanted messages and import or export SMS messages. You can even read your messages aloud and reset your messages. Many people use these apps.

Once you have installed this app, all that is left to do is make sure your phone stays connected with your computer throughout the forwarding process. Your phone can be connected to your computer using Bluetooth, WiFi or USB cables. You can then choose which messages you would like to forward, and then you can begin forwarding them to the people you care about.

It is very simple. These apps allow you to send entire text messages.

2. Forward SMS messages with Android

Google’s Android offers easy to forward text messages feature from one Android device to another. Open the Messaging app on Android. Next, select the messages you wish to forward from the message tab. Click and hold the messages to display a pop-up message. If you hold the message, you’ll see several options in this pop-up box.

You will see a special option to Forward your text messages. Select the Forward option, and then add the contacts to which you wish to forward your message.

You can also manually add a number to your contact list if you do not have it. Click the send button to start sending messages to your recipients. After the messages have been sent, delivery reports will be provided.

This can seem tedious. However, it is very simple and does not require you to install third-party software.

3. SMS Forwarding App

You can use an SMS forwarding application to send text messages automatically to mobile numbers that you wish to forward. These apps aren’t free, but they are intended for business professionals to be used for marketing and other purposes. These apps are available on the Play Store. After reading through the detailed reviews, install the app you like.

After installing the app you will need an account using your Google credentials. You will then need to enable the SMS forwarding mode. You can also activate the Miss Call forward mode. There will be a series of prompts on the screen that will help you enter your destination numbers. Make sure to include the area codes.

The rest is simple and straightforward. All selected messages will be sent to the designated receivers. To use this service, you don’t need to connect your phone and computer.

You can also set up certain messages to be automatically forwarded to specific numbers.

4. Forward text messages to email

Many people prefer email over text messages to communicate important messages. Text messages are increasingly popular, so it is possible to combine email services with text messages.

This is especially true if you want to share important information or keep some information forever. Android technology gives you the ability to send your text messages directly from Android to your email address accounts.

The Messaging App for Android allows you to manually choose the messages that you wish to send. After long pressing the message, you’ll be able to forward the text to your email account. Once the popup message appears, type in your email address and click Send. Your message will be sent.

Third-party apps are also available. These apps automate the whole process and allow you to select messages from certain numbers to be forwarded instantly to your preferred mail addresses.


There are many options available to you if you need to send text messages from your Android smartphone to another number. These are the most common and easiest methods to forward text messages. This will work no matter whether you’re sending your message to a friend of a colleague.

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