For All Mankind Season 3 Episode 5 Recap and Ending, Explained

‘For All Mankind‘ season 3’s race to mars reaches its final leg and comes to a thrilling conclusion in the fifth episode. The episode, titled ‘Seven Minutes of Terror,’ sees Helios leaving no stone unturned in reaching the Red Planet first. NASA is a strong competitor to Ed and his crew, so they team up with Roscosmos cosmonauts in an effort to increase their chances of reaching Mars. If you are wondering which of the two crews lands on mars first, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘For All Mankind’ season 3 episode 5! SPOILERS Ahead!

For All Mankind Season 3 Episode 5, Recap

Episode 5, titled ‘Seven Minutes of Terror,’ opens with the NASA, Helios, and Roscosmos crews grieving the loss of the astronauts aboard Mars-94 during the botched rescue mission. At Helios Mission control, Karen expresses her dissatisfaction with Dev Ayesa’s decision and resigns from her post. In space, Ed regains control of his ship and prepares for the final leg of the Phoenix’s journey to Mars. Roscomos and NASA decide to complete the mission together, creating a temporary alliance.

Margo refuses to cooperate with Roscosmos’ Sergei Nikulov at NASA Mission Control. Margo discovers that Sergei Nikulov has been removed from Roscosmos, and is now assigned to a different project. Margo gives Roscosmos an ultimatum, and she uses the situation to her advantage. As a result, Sergei is released from KGB’s arrest. He says that he was forced by the KGB to blackmail Margo because it threatened his family. Simultaneously, Aleida Rosales realizes the similarities between NASA and Roscosmos’ engine designs for their mars spacecraft.

Kelly discovers from Alexei Poletov, cosmonaut, that she warned her about the Mars-94 engine failure. Danielle is forced into helping the cosmonauts prepare the ship for its final leg of the journey. Kelly and Alexei become close and share a kiss. Karen contemplates her future on earth after she quit Helios. She sends Ed an email message, which Danny also views on his computer. Ed and Danny discuss Karen’s cheating with Ed. Ed preaches forgiveness but he says he would kill anyone who slept with Karen. Sojourner-1 and Phoenix prepare to enter Mars’ orbit as the race to the Red Planet reaches the final lap.

For All Mankind Season 3 Episode5: Who Lands on Mars First

The fifth episode ends with several twists in the final minutes of the race to Mars. Helios’ Phoenix leads the way after the crew is locked out from helping the Soviet spacecraft. Ed stamps his authority on the ship and makes the decisions himself leading the spaceship close to Mars’ orbit. Danielle, on the other hand, is constantly hampered by the joint mission between NASA/Roscosmos. Instead of focusing solely on winning the race, Danielle focuses on landing safely on the Red Planet.

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Both the spaceships must perform a risky maneuver to enter Mars’ orbit. The maneuver must be done within a time limit. A sandstorm on the Red Planet’s surface makes it difficult to land. Ed jumps into action and decides to take the situation into his hands. He is determined to rectify his failure to land the first man on the moon in years. Thus, Ed sets out in a capsule spacecraft with Danny that rockets towards Mars’ surface.

Danielle, on the other hand, struggles to execute the maneuver due to the bulkiness of her spacecraft. Therefore, she must wait for the right to execute the maneuver and enter Mars’ orbit. Ed is expected to win the race for Helios to Mars. The sandstorm poses a problem for Ed when he attempts to land on Mars. As Ed’s spacecraft, Popeye gets closer to the surface, the sand storm becomes more intense, forcing Ed to perform a blind landing. Fearing for Danny’s life, Ed aborts the mission at the last second, and Popeye returns to the Phoenix. A brief shot of the planet’s surface shows that Ed and Danny were within touching distance of Mars.

Meanwhile, Danielle slowly brings her ship to Mars’ surface. Despite the difficulties, she succeeds in landing the rocket on Mars. This makes the joint NASA- Roscosmos mission a success. The Head of the Cosmonauts tries trick Danielle and rushes her to be the first to step foot on Mars. Danielle and her fellow cosmonauts nevertheless step foot on the Red Planet together. The mission is seen as a huge success by the rest of the world.

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