Five Days At Memorial Episode 6 Release Date: Darkness Ahead

Five Days At Memorial Episode 6 shows us how the investigative group digs into the case of the 45 people who died at the Memorial hospital following Hurricane Katrina. Suppose you’re unfamiliar with Five Days At Memorial. In that case, it’s a drama developed by John Ridley and Carlton Cuse based upon real events as chronicled in a book by the same name penned by Sheri Fink that tells what happened at a hospital during Hurricane Katrina. 

Vera Farmiga and Cherry Jones star in the miniseries drama. Robert Pine and Robert Smith Jr. are also featured. Julie Ann Emery stars in this drama. It was initially developed for FX as a pitch for the third season of “American Crime Story” for Ryan Murphy. However, the adaptation did not pick up. Instead, the producers pitched it to another company and eventually the show was aired on Apple TV+. Now, let’s take a look at the latest episode. 

Vera Farmiga as Dr. Anna Pou

Five Days At Memorial Episode 5 – Recap

The hospital is in desperate need of funds. There is severe starvation and lack of liquids. Outside, there’s anguish. People involved in the rescue effort also need time. Because there are no helicopters or boats available, the rescue effort has been stopped. Susan is furious that staff members debate whether or not to treat animals humanely. Susan adds that those patients who are not candidates for rescue should also receive “the humane thing.” Susan quickly points out that this is a genuine case of ending lives to end suffering rather than just keeping these people safe.

LifeCare loses even more patients as Memorial discusses this. Susan tells Diane that they are doing everything they can to help and that they won’t be leaving anyone behind. Everybody is delighted when Mark appears outside of the hospital. Mark rushes to the hospital, ducking the crowds while he searches for his mother. He carries her to the boat outside because he is shocked that there isn’t an IV. Mark takes her mother, along with several other patients. Charles, the cowardly security guard at Memorial Hospital, jumps on the boat and escapes.

Helicopter Rescue Is Insufficient

Once more, helicopters land, and Diane decides to move her patients to the helipad, rejecting Susan’s suggestion. People can also get medications from the pharmacy to help their pets sleep peacefully. The problem is that all of this is related to the patient’s problems in the first place. More people are suffering and dying, which makes Anna and Susan’s moral compass unstable.

Rescue boats arrive with mixed emotions. The coastguard says it’s far too risky to make these runs at night, giving them only five hours to get people out. There are always looters and shooters, as we’ve seen in previous episodes. Susan estimates that it will take 24 hours for everyone to be freed. This is a tight deadline. Susan vows to do her very best and to make sure that no patient is left behind.


Anna speaks to Dr. Cook, but Bryant King has also heard about their “humane” method of ending patient suffering. He contemplates the implications of this as the boats arrive in large numbers at his hospital. Susan says good-bye to her mother, before letting go of her and remaining behind. As the evacuation progresses, helicopters arrive from both directions. Susan suggests to Horace that he board the next boat as there is nothing they can do. As she leaves, she gives Horace a hug.

Bryant watches Anna giving injections, while Bryant watches in horror as family members are separated. LifeCare staff discovers this and struggle to decide if this is the right decision. Some people accept their awful fate without a second thought, believing it is hopeless. Karen Wynn and others, however, refuse to let this happen. They make every effort possible to get as many people out as possible.

Five Days At Memorial Episode 6

Cherry Jones will play Susan Mulderick

Into The Dark 

The doctors together can save one patient and offer a little hope in a sea of despair. Unfortunately, the coast guard departs as 5 o’clock approaches. Memorial Hospital is like an unspoken clock. It is a clock that is slowly ticking down to its end. As they enter a room we see a shot from the point-of view of someone walking through the hospital. Then, everything turns dark.

Five days at the Memorial Trailer

Five Days At Memorial Streaming Details

Five Days At Memorial, an Apple TV+ exclusive, is available only to Apple TV+ subscribers. Apple TV+ is available at US$ 49.99 per month or US$ 4,99 per year. A seven-day trial period is available for those who subscribe to the platform for the first time. You will also get three months free Apple Music, cloud service and Apple TV+ if you purchase an Apple device.

Episode 6 of Five Days at Memorial Release Date

Five Days At Memorial Episode 6 is scheduled to air on September 2, 2022 at 10:00 hrs Eastern Time in the United States. The episode’s title is “45 Dead,” and it will run for 50 minutes. Are you interested in this drama series of television? We’d love to hear from you in the comments. Please also follow us on Facebook. That’s all the time we have for the moment concerning this topic here at Otakukart. We wish you a happy streaming experience and hope to see each other soon!

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