Fintor Raises $6.2m in Additional Funding

FintorThe Palo Alto-based fintech company, allowing investors to invest in real property, has raised $6.2 million more., Hustle Fund and 500 Global were backers, as well as VU Ventures, Graphene Ventures, 500 Global and angel investors such as Manny Khoshbin (real estate influencer), Andy Madadian, Cindy Bi, and Marcus Ridgway (co-founder of Invitation Homes).

This additional funding will enable the company to expand its user base, as well as its portfolio of investment properties.

Fintor, founded by Masoud Jalali and Farshad Yousefi, is a mobile platform for real estate investors that allows users to sell fractional shares in real estate properties. To create an account with Fintor, you can either download the app on iOS or Android. Once verified, users are able to invest in Fintor property with as little $5 and no additional fees. The shares can be sold and bought just like on the stock exchanges. The rental income will provide monthly dividends or passive income to property owners. Over time, the property’s appreciation will also be a benefit to them.

Today, the company announced that its mobile-first platform was now available on both Android and iOS devices.



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