Faire.ai Raises $3M in Seed Funding

CEO Gianluigi Davassi

Faire.aiSeed funding was provided by $3M to a Milan-based credit management company.

Francesco Beraldi led the round. Lorenzo Lamberti Sagliano was also present. CII3 Advisors and Fabrick were also present. Roccazzella, Paolo Barberis, Paolo Griffa, Francesco Marini, Gianandrea Streklej, Massimo Ferro, Jan Sprengnetter, Guido Polesello, Edi Polesello, Davide Marmondi, Enrico Angella, and Tommaso Mascetti.

The funds will be used to expand operations, consolidate business reach on the Italian and (later), abroad markets.

Faire.ai, led by Gianluigi Daviassi, is a B2B fintech firm that specializes in consumer credit automatization. Open banking is used as a data source. It uses artificial intelligence models and open banking to calculate consumer risk profiles. The platform allows banks and financial institutions instant loans via a single API. It also allows the management of the loan’s entire life cycle.

It offers the following services:

  • Data Analytics e Lending is a service that provides real-time credit evaluations of individuals.
  • FairePay, which allows users to pay in installments getting access to a loan ranging from €2k to €20k.



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