Escaping Polygamy Where Are They Now? Where Is The Cast Of Escaping Polygamy?

Escaping Polygamy (English-language American documentary television series) is about three sisters who fled their Kingston clan, a multigamous group in Salt Lake City Utah. Also known under the name The Order, Escaping Polygamy focuses on their lives. They were helping family and friends escape Polygamy and escape the FLDS Church or the AUB Church. Initially, the show premiered on the A&E network and later moved to Lifetime Network. It has four seasons and 39 episodes. It was originally released on December 30, 2014. You can view the series on LMN and Lifetime networks and platforms. 

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1 Jessica Christensen
2 Andrea Christensen
3 Shanell DeRieux

Where is the Cast Of Escaping Polygamy Polygamy located?

Jessica Christensen

Jessica was the oldest child of 12 children born to Daniel Kingston and Heidi Mattingly Foster. At 14 she was about to marry her uncle, a 42-year-old man. Before that, Jessica ran away with her sister Andrea and reported to the police. Their parental custody of their two daughters was lost in court. When Jessica was 18 years of age, she was adopted by a family. She then began to help other polygamous couples escape. Jessica is 29 and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in social service. She is married with three daughters. 

Andrea Christensen

Andrea was the third of Daniel Kingston’s six children with Heidi Mattingly Foster, his sixth wife. With the help of her aunt, she fled with her sister Jessica, 12, from her abusive and neglectful parents. The court later placed the sisters in foster custody, depriving their parents of parental custody. They split at first but later they stayed close and helped others escape from the tragedy. Andrea is currently 27 and a lawyer who resides in Seattle, Washington. 


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Shanell DeRieux

Shanell was the second child born to Daniel Kingston and Shirley Snow, his seventh wife. Shanell was 18 when she was verbally and physically abused in her first cousin’s polygamy group. With the support and help of Shirley, she was able to leave the abusive marriage and her husband after two years. She later helped others escape Polygamy with the help of her half-sisters Andrea, Jessica, and her half-sister Jessica. Shanell is currently married and has three children.

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FAQs: Escaping Polygamy – Where Are They Now?

1. What is Escaping Polygamy and how can it be avoided?

Escaping Polygamy, a documentary television series from America, is available.

2. How many seasons is Escaping Polygamy?

Escaping Polygamy has four seasons

3. When was the Escaping Polygamy released?

It was released on December 30, 2014. 

4. Where can I find Escaping Polygamy?

The series can be viewed on LMN, Lifetime and Tubi networks and platforms. 

5. Who are the Escaping Polygamy cast members?

Jessica Christensen, Andrea Christensen, and Shanell DeRieux are the cast of Escaping Polygamy.

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