Erika Christensen Measurements Height Weight and Age

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Erika Christensen Bio

Erika Christensen was born August 19, 1982. She is a well-known Actress, model and Actress. Below are Jessie Erika Christensen measurements, weight, age and Erika Christensen bra sizes.

Name Erika Christensen
Birth Date August 19, 1982
Zodiac Sign Leo
Is Erika Christensen Married Yes
Birth Place United States
Occupation Actress, singer

Erika Christensen Measurements

Height 5 Feet 5 inches
Weight 64 Kg
Age 26 Years
Dress Size 10
Shoe Size (Feet). 7

Erika Christensen Appearance

Hair Colour Light brown
Nationality American
Eye Colour Blue

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