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mergers and acquisitions

Entrepreneurs looking to set up their commercial structure can either register a new business and start their own company or buy an existing one with all its assets.

Understanding the legal aspect of the procedure is essential to do this. This is especially true if the transaction involves an international entity. They also want their lawyers to be competent, to understand their business, and to have the required experience and knowledge. This will allow them to be both client-oriented and affordable. ELI-Deal confirms that it is available to provide the required legal assistance and has access to specialists with the necessary experience and qualifications in providing legal assistance in matters relating. Businesses for Sale.

Activity Field and Accompanying points for ELI-Deal

There are some common risks involved in business transactions such as the sale or purchase of a company.

  • Insufficient knowledge of the industry and scope of the company
  • The existence of hidden costs
  • Insecurity of the client base
  • Unverified or difficult-to-verify data regarding the parameters of activity (revenues, profit, costs, etc.));
  • It is not known what the real reasons are for the sale of or purchase of an organization.
  • Transfer of the subject matter not completed
  • Incorrect structure of the deal

Misjudging a business is one of the most common errors. You must remember that the buyer not only acquires a legal entity with all the documents but also the property, relationships with counterparties, debts and obligations of the company.

ELI-Deal provides legal assistance in the purchase and sale of companies

a) data reliability verification connected with parameters of company’s operational field (profit, cost, etc.);

b) Identification of tax and legal risks associated with the activities of the seller and those that accompany the transaction and their execution by the parties

c) Preparation and filing of necessary documentation;

d) Advice for changing transactions

e) analysis of seller, including his documentation. It confirms that the seller has firm assets, liabilities, and/or an active business.

f. Assessment transactions, its conditions to comply with the buyer’s goals, objectives and protection of his/her interest;

g. Supporting negotiations and the development of negotiations;

h) Support for the closing and execution of the transaction.

Tax service can collect additional funds from the tax service for past and previous years if previous owners committed a mistake when they submitted reports and declarations. In order to avoid such surprises, it is important that the contract clearly states the responsibility of the former owner for all taxes and fees paid during the time the enterprise was his/her property. At the time of drafting and signing the contract, ELI-Deal services are also required.

This guarantees that the buyer will pay the agreed amount on time, even if the owner’s business is shut down or destroyed. The bank controls the obligations of buyers under the letter-of credit. This greatly increases the transaction’s reliability. The bank may also offer additional services that can increase the cost for money transfers. A professional Eli-Deal lawyer will assist in the sale or purchase transaction. This will protect both buyer and seller’s rights, expedite the transfer process and reduce the risk.

The ELI-Deal team is composed of seasoned specialists who have extensive experience in this industry. They will be able to provide not only advice but also practical support for each transaction. Our specialists have a deep understanding of the company sales industry and the laws in each jurisdiction. This allows them to quickly and safely introduce clients to commercial activities.

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