ARK Fjordur – How To Tame Dung Beetle

ARK Survival is about peaceful co-existence and co-existence with other life forms. There’s a plethora of creatures, insects, dinosaurs, and the list goes on. One of the many creatures that roam the Fjordur map is the dung beetle. However, many players aren’t sure if this creature can be tamed. It is possible and quite simple. So, here’s our guide on how to tame Dung Beetle in ARK Fjordur.

How to Tame Dung Beetle & What do They Eat in ARK Fjordur

Dung is the best food for these insects to tame. Dung beetles are able to eat meat but they cannot eat it. Prefer the dung of all creatures They will eat anything. Once they’ve been properly tamed, and have ingested enough poop, then you can give them an appropriate name.

ark fjordur dung beetle
Image Source – ItsBenZ on YouTube.

These dung beetles cannot be used to mount or in battles. What can these insects do?

How to Make Fertilizer

  • These dung beetles can extract oil and fertilizers from the dung they eat.
  • You can make them a lot of poop if you put a lot in their inventory. 3 Fertilizer 6 Oil Units Within 15 minutes.
  • These items are great for plants and fruits.
  • Dung beetles can also be used to store excrement of other creatures. This varies depending on which Dung beetles you use. Weight.
  • Their weight stats will determine how much excrement they can store.

Where can I find dung beetles

  • Although you can find these bugs anywhere, they are most common in the United States. Cave passages These are the top locations.
  • You can also search for them elsewhere Near water-borne areas.
  • Once they are tamed, you can drag them out from the cave.
  • As they are likely to crawl, place them into a wooden cage To keep them safe.

That’s everything covered on how to tame Dung Beetle in ARK Fjordur. You might also like our other guides. Fenrir: How to Tame It, Andrewsarchus?, and Fjordhawk Gamer Tweak has you covered.

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