DrivenIQ Raises $15M in Series A Funding

DrivenIQ$15m in Series A funding was provided by, a Towson, MD-based company that specializes in audience data, advertising technologies, and.

Backers included Capstone Technologies Group, Inc. (OTCQB: CATG), which acquired an initial minority interest in DrivenIQ in October 2021 and has since invested additional capital to further accelerate DrivenIQ’s growth.

Albert Thompson founded DrivenIQ, an Omni-data DaaS (Data as-a-Service) tech company. It also offers Audience Management Platform (AMP), which specializes in zero-party, 1st party data and data modeling to help businesses better manage their audiences and create data solutions that best serve their customers. The company offers a variety of services, including website traffic & consumer analytics & data visualization, geo-zoning Audience technologies, data identity resolution, data management appending, data-first social media solutions, VisitIQ™, a caller ID solution for websites, DrivenIQ Identity Graph and DriveBidTM, a live vehicle trade-in marketplace.

This funding supports the expansion of the company’s Customer360™ AMP (Audience Management Platform™), called VisitIQ™, composed of custom first-party data, location geo-device data, predictive AI modeling & custom micro-audiences, VisitIQ™ site audience tag technology and its latest solution, DrivenID™ Identity Graph. The DrivenID™ Identity Graph organizes, connects, unifies and analyzes online and offline consumer & behavior data for more than 14 billion customer records identifying over 230+ million U.S. households. Working in tandem with VisitIQ™, Identity Graph gives brands & marketers a comprehensive 360-degree real-time audience view.



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