Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Update 1.31 Patch Notes, What Is Patch 1.31 In Dragon Ball Xenoverse?

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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Replace 1.31 

The latest Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Replace 1.31 has simply been launched by means of Dimps Studios, and the entire patch notes are equipped under. With this model, the DLC 14 “Conton Town Vote Pack” is supported. There are 3 brand-new characters: Vegeta, Dyspo, and UI Goku (Signal) (GT). We have now the whole thing addressed within the following segment for all the scope of adjustments. The next covers all of the vital main points at the Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 patch notes for Replace 1.31. On all consoles and PCs, you will have to be capable of obtain and practice this repair at the moment. Restarting the Steam shopper is a will have to if you don’t get this replace immediately.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Replace 1.31 Patch Notes

S. No

Talent Identify



Sonic Kick

Now useable right through burst sprint


Ki Blast Thrust

Incresed harm


Atomic Blast

When this method is performed with out charging, the blast’s energy will probably be diminished.


Dodon Ray

You’ll now cancel the transfer with another tremendous, with the exception of Dodonpa.

shortened time frame after knocking an opponent again that they’re shocked


Loss of life Slicer

A stride or burst sprint can now be used to cancel, because of a 2nd enter.


God Breaker

Made more uncomplicated to hit with


Energy Blitz

Designed to help you cancel after firing with a stride or spice up sprint


Cross Cross Gum

Made it so harm can also be carried out after successful


Whirlwind Blade

Modified knockback when hit by means of the transfer’s ultimate element to make it more effective to release next moves


Eye Beam

After the primary shot, invincibility used to be eradicated.


Android Rush

Greater Harm

made more uncomplicated to hit by means of extending the beginning of the transfer’s vary


Feint Crash

After the fist assault used to be rendered null by means of a next Feint Crash enter


Sonic Rush

It more effective to hit a backwards-moving opponent


General Detonation Ball

Greater Harm


Holy Inscription

Made more uncomplicated to hit with


Opposite Launcher

Lowered Harm

Altered knockback to make appearing follow-up assaults more uncomplicated


Sweet Beam (Tremendous)

Lowered power of ki blast?


Surging Spirit

Greater ki regen immediately after enter


Blades of Judgment

Lowered Harm

Greater surprise when the explosion hits the bottom after the transfer.


Beautiful Cannon

Greater the power of blasts when absolutely charged


Sword of Hope

Adjusted the ki drain whilst the usage of

You’ll now cancel after a combo slash.

Made it imaginable to dam a lunge assault with further strikes.

Added invincibility in an instant following the beginning of the spin assault made the overall strike unblockable


Faux Blast

Made hit detection slower

Lowered time invincible when hit


Bloody Counter

Completely rendered it unbeatable when using (no longer together with when the transfer is prolonged with an extended press)

designed being able to cancel with a step, and so forth. for without equal blow


The most productive transfer

Made Goku playable in Fortnite

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Replace 1.31 

Unfastened Content material Replace (July 7)

  • One new dress and accent

  • 5 Twin Final Assaults

  • 3 CC Mascots (together with colour permutations)

  • 5 Tremendous Souls

  • 77 loading display illustrations

  • 5 Raid Quests

  • Crystal Raid: Dyspo

  • 68 Hero Colosseum figures

Conton Town Vote Pack (July 7)

  1. Playable Characters

    1. Dyspo

    2. Goku (Extremely Intuition -Signal-)

    3. Vegeta (GT)

  2. New Content material

    1. Two new Additional Missions

    2. 4 new Parallel Quests

    3. 10 new Abilities

    4. 4 new costumes and equipment

    5. 5 Tremendous Souls

    6. 15 loading display illustrations

Legend Patrol Pack (July 7)

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

An motion role-playing preventing online game advanced by means of Dimps and printed by means of Bandai Namco Leisure is named Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, the sequel to the 2015 recreation Dragon Ball Xenoverse. It went on sale for Microsoft Home windows on October 27 and for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 25, respectively. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 may to start with most effective be bought at the PlayStation 4 in Japan. The Nintendo Transfer recreation went on sale in Japan on September 7 and used to be made to be had international on September 22. The sport used to be presented to Stadia on December 17, 2019.

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