Dorvie Raises $2.6M in Seed Funding

DorvieWashington, DC-based company focusing on quality home services for seniors who prefer to remain at home, has raised $2.6M in seed funding.

Quantified Ventures Solutions Studio was the leader of the round, with Dave Gehm as CEO and president of Wellspring Lutheran Services.

The company plans to use the funds for select markets across the country. This month’s launch in Washington, DC will be the first.

Dorvie is led by Hersh Fernandes who has curated a range of services provided by local providers to handle household chores like cleaning and laundry, as well as lawn and garden care and food delivery.

Dorvie emerged from the Quantified Ventures Solution Studio where non-profit senior care leaders collaborated to design and launch a scalable solution to one of their industry’s primary challenges.

Senior care leaders began a proactive process to market research, user discovery and prototype development. Concept vetting was conducted with inter-disciplinary experts who were chosen to segment the problem and design/select scalable solution options. Finally, Dorvie was brought to market.



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