Don’t Worry Darling: Release Date, Plot, Cast & Streaming Guide

Don’t Worry Darling’s release date is sooner than any Harry Styles fan would expect and here is all that we know about it. This movie will be a collaboration between Florence Pugh and Harry Styles, a worldwide star and actor. We can’t wait to see him again on the big screen. Harry Styles appeared in Dunkirk, a war drama film.

As for Don’t Worry Darling, it has the elements of psychology and thrill. Olivia Wilde is the director of this film. You may be familiar with the story of the love between Harry and Olivia when they met while filming this movie. Well, we’ll talk about that some other time but first, let us discuss more details about this upcoming film. The film was produced on a budget totaling 20 million dollars. It feels like it is well-prepared for success.

We will see Florence Pugh playing Alice Chambers in the main role of the film. Jack Chambers is the character played by Harry Styles. She is in a relationship. They seem to have a great relationship on the outside but they also share their struggles inside. Filming takes place in the 1950s. The Chambers reside in Victory, California. Jack works in a mysterious company that supports Jack’s lifestyle, but he refuses any details about the work he does.

A still from Don’t Worry Darling of Harry Styles as Jack Chambers

Alice begins to get curious about Jack’s job, and she starts to explore every little detail. He had just shared to Alice that their company was moving forward with the Victory Project, but he refuses any further details. Alice begins to lose herself while on a quest for more information. Jack also finds it more difficult to cope with the situation, as they have frequent arguments. Alice’s investigation becomes a burden on the community that Alice lives in.

Don’t Worry Darling Release Date

Don’t Worry Darling’s release date is on the 23rd of September 2022. However, the film will debut at the Venice Film Festival on September 5th 2022. Pre-booking tickets is the best way to see the film as quickly as possible. The movie will also be available for viewing later, as it will be released on HBO Max OTT after 45 days. The platform is 9.99 USD and features advertisements after 30 minutes. Upgrade to an ad-free edition for just 14.99 dollars. Don’t Worry Darling will also be available on Amazon Prime Video demand services after 45 days of its release.


Florence Pugh plays the role of Alice Chambers. She is a loving wife and a committed lover of her husband. Harry Styles portrays Jack Chambers. He is passionate about his work, and seems to enjoy spending a little time with Alice. Olivia Wilde plays Bunny. Alice is her best friend and she lives in the neighborhood. Gemma Chan plays Shelley again. She is Frank’s spouse and is part of his circle of friends.

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