Does Viserys Die? Is Paddy Considine Leaving in House of the Dragons?

Based on certain sections of the 2018 descriptive novel ‘Fire & Blood’ by George R. R. Martin, ‘House of the Dragon’ is an action fantasy series that serves as a prequel to ‘Game of Thrones,’ which is based on Martin’s ongoing magnum opus, ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ book series. ‘House of the Dragon’ revolves around the bitter war of succession between two factions of the ruling Targaryen dynasty. The series’ first season covers the years leading to the civil war. It depicts events that led to the destruction of House Targaryen, and the temporary extermination of dragons.

Paddy Considine portrays Viserys I Targaryen as a tragic figure. Jaehaerys I Targaryen his grandfather, a prosperous and peaceful realm, passed to him. The Conciliator also helped keep the peace and expand the wealth. His actions created the conditions for civil war which eventually led to his family’s downfall 200 years later. If you are wondering whether Viserys will die in ‘House of the Dragon,’ we got you covered. REVIEW AND SEE ALL THE SPOILERS BEFORE.

Does Viserys Die?

While the long-standing enmity between the Green and Black factions of the Targaryen dynasty sets the stage for the civil war, Viserys’ death serves as its trigger. In the books, Viserys died on the third day of the third moon of 129 AC (Aegon’s Conquest) in his sleep in Red Keep in King’s Landing after ruling most of Westeros for about 26 years. However, Alicent, her father Otto, and their supporters kept the King’s demise a secret, refusing to let septons and silent sisters attend to Viserys’ body and arresting all the supporters of Princess Rhaenyra — Viserys’ chosen heir — before crowning Aegon II as the new King of the Seven Kingdoms. It was clear that Rhaenyra did not want to accept Aegon as her king and this led to war.

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Viserys will most likely die in the first season. Given the ending of episode 8, where he is wheezing and muttering incoherently, it seems that moment has arrived in the show, though it doesn’t particularly match the timeline of the books. There, at the time of Viserys’ death, Criston Cole was the commander of the Kingsguard. The position is still held by Harold Westerling in the show.

Viserys’ ailment has been the subject of widespread speculation among viewers since the premiere of ‘House of the Dragon’ as he didn’t have the disease in the books. It was thought that Viserys had gangrene, but Considine confirmed that he actually suffered from leprosy.

Paddy Considine is leaving House of the Dragons?

Considine’s love for his character and the show can be easily observed in various interviews. In interviews, Considine refers to Viserys in a positive and devout way. However, he also said that his character is a flawed king. For his performance, Considine has received widespread critical acclaim, with Martin himself admitting that his (Considine’s) rendition of Viserys is superior to the one from the books and comparing it to William Shakespeare’s King Lear, the character from the eponymous play. “He’s stronger, he’s still conflicted, but he’s more of a tragic figure. He has King Lear aspects to him…that’s made his portrayal really interesting to watch on the show,” the author and co-creator of ‘House of the Dragon’ said during a fan interaction on HBO’s Twitter page.

In many ways, Considine’s outing in the prequel is quite similar to Sean Bean in the original series. Bean also received critical praise for his performance as Eddard “Ned” Stark and is fondly remembered by the fans, despite being part of ‘Game of Thrones’ for one season. Viserys, Ned and their personalities are very different but they have a somewhat similar role in each other’s stories.

In an August 2022 interview with Screen Rant, Considine stated that he was mindful of Bean’s performance while preparing for Viserys. “ Yeah, I know what you mean. It’s funny, really, because Ned Stark – what Sean [Bean] did – was sort of in my head when I played this, which is kind of weird. It was part of the makeup for me of Viserys,” the actor stated.”

So, it’s true that Considine is likely to leave the show in its first season, but his performance is as influential to the overall narrative as Bean’s has been in the original show and potentially as iconic.

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