Does Susannah Die in The Summer I Turned Pretty?

Does Susannah Die in The Summer I Turned Pretty?

‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ is a teen romance that uses the beloved trope of a love triangle to tell an engaging story. The best thing about the show is how every character is relatable, and we feel like we are rooting for them all. Susannah Fisher is one of the most charming characters. Conrad’s mom and Jeremiah’s dad, she owns the beach house that Belly and her family use for their summer vacation. Susannah is an integral part of Belly’s life. She loves Belly as if she had a daughter and wishes Belly would have a son. Belly reciprocates her support and is very supportive. Both sustain a strong bond, which rivals Belly’s relationship with her mother, Laurel.

Although Susannah is a character we want to see more of in the future, the first season’s events suggest that she might not be as far along as we think. We wonder if she will be back. Her future is a concern for everyone in the Fisher-Conklin family. What is her fate? Does Susannah Fisher die? Here’s what we know about it. If you haven’t read the book series on which the TV show is based, you should brace yourself for spoilers. SPOILERS Ahead

Does Susannah Ultimately Die?

It is revealed that Susannah was diagnosed with cancer in the first season. It is also revealed that this isn’t the first time she has coped with it. She had successfully fought the disease with chemotherapy before. But it returned and Susannah decided not to go through another round. She wanted to spend her remaining years with her family and friends and have as much fun as she could. She knows that this could be her last summer. So she makes every effort to make it perfect.

Jeremiah learns from Conrad that she kept it secret. He is also shocked to know that Conrad knew about it and didn’t tell him. When Susannah says that she won’t be going through the treatment, her sons plead with her to do it, if not for herself then for them. Despite her refusals in the past and her firm stance on the topic, she finally gives in to her sons’ pleas and promises to try the experimental treatment.

While this does give hope to the people in her life, Susannah’s future is already sealed. If the show chooses to follow the book storyline, Susannah will likely die in the next season. The first season is based on ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’, and the second season will derive material from the second book in the series, ‘It’s Not Summer Without You’. It begins with Susannah’s death, who passes away in May, before Belly and her family arrive at the beach house. However, this doesn’t mean that she completely disappears from the story. She is often recalled by many characters and appears in flashbacks.

Even if the second season stays true to the second book in the series, it doesn’t mean that we will not see Susannah at all. She might be going through the treatment. If the writers choose to take a different route, she may still live. Though, the chances of her survival are slim, because the course of Belly’s relationship with Conrad and Jeremiah depends heavily on the loss and grief they deal with after Susannah’s death. Even if she stays longer, her death is certain.

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