Does Spiderhead Have a Mid or End-Credits Scene?

End-credits as well as mid-credits are important in today’s age of franchise filmmaking. They are most often used to give a hint to fans about what’s coming in a particular franchise. Marvel Cinematic Universe is a master at this. Mid-credits, and even the end-credits, can sometimes be used for pure fanservice. These are often used in TV shows and films to wrap up the story. ‘Spiderhead’ stars Chris Hemsworth, one of the biggest franchise actors in Hollywood today, and Miles Teller, whose previous film ‘Tom Gun: Maverick’ (which was incidentally made by ‘Spiderhead’ director Joseph Kosinski) has turned out to be a megahit. So, understandably, there are bound to be questions about mid-credits and end-credit scenes in ‘Spiderhead.’ Here is what you need to know about it. SPOILERS Ahead

Spiderhead: Is there a Mid- or End-Credits Scene?

No, there is no mid or end-credits scene in ‘Spiderhead,’ The film is the cinematic adaptation of American author George Saunders’ short story ‘Escape from Spiderhead,’ which was first printed in The New Yorker in 2010. The film’s plot virtually wraps up in the climactic and post-climactic sequences, so there seems to be little need for a mid or end-credits scene. Moreover, the chances for a sequel don’t seem to be that significant, given that the source material doesn’t have one. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s completely impossible; Netflix has a long history of developing sequels of projects that are complete on their own. Either way, there is no scene teasing a future project set in the same universe at the end of ‘Spiderhead.’

In the final scene, Steve (Chris Hemsworth), reveals to Jeff (Teller), that he wants to give Darkenfloxx to Lizzy (Jurnee Slolett), a drug that causes extreme mental and emotional stress. Jeff is well-versed in the effects of Darkenfloxx, having witnessed a woman die from its effects. He refuses to make Lizzy go through the same thing. The truth is that Lizzy was imprisoned because her nine-month old daughter, Lizzy, died in July after she abandoned her in a Walmart parking lot. Lizzy, like Jeff, believes she is entitled to all the pain she experiences and asks Jeff to give Darkenfloxx. He does and she starts to writhe.

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Steve suddenly starts to laugh. Mark, his technical assistant, had spiked his MobiPak and Jeff now has complete control of the device. He makes Steve feel some of the side effects and forces Steve to confess that Obediex or OBDX were the main drugs they were testing. Administrators have a lot more control over subjects. They fight, Steve’s MobiPak gets damaged, and the drugs begin to flood his system. He then sends Jeff and Lizzy to prison and boards his seaplane. Steve takes off just as Mark is about to leave the facility. He crashes into a rock face, and then dies from the effects of the drugs.

Steve had earlier told Jeff that Lizzy and the latter were exempt from liability under the law. Jeff and Lizzy watch Steve’s plane explode while escaping on a boat. They are now free to start living their lives again.

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