Does Mae Die in Devil in Ohio? [SPOILER]

Netflix’s horror series ‘Devil in Ohio’ follows Mae Dodd, the daughter of a religious cult leader named Malachi Dodd. Mae flees her abusive family to seek refuge in Suzanne Mathis’ household, where she is temporarily guarded by Mathis after learning of her desperate situation. Malachi and his followers attempt to rescue Mae since Mae has found safety and security in Mathis’ household. But she is able to keep her distance from the cult following her. The series will continue to explore the life-threatening issues Mae faces. Viewers may be curious as to whether or not she dies. Let’s share the answer! SPOILERS Ahead

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Does Mae Die?

No, Mae does not die. Mae’s fate got rewritten when she became the “chosen one” to save the cult of Devil’s Own. She was instructed to follow the example of Mary and make a sacrifice for her family. Mae was shocked to see the death she saw from afar and decided to save her life. However, Mae doesn’t escape from death just by running away from the cult. The powerful Malachi sends her signals that he is capable enough to abduct her from the warmth of the Mathis household by burning down Peter’s property and trying to abduct Jules using Noah.

Meanwhile, a major development that challenges Mae’s life happens. Suzanne discovers a Vermont establishment for her to stay. Peter makes it clear to Suzanne that Mae can’t stay with the family due to the damage she has done. Mae must have feared that her trip to Vermont would not be a good one for her. Malachi must have found it easier to take his daughter from Suzanne’s foster home. In addition, Mae doesn’t want to let go of the security Suzanne offers. She had to have been afraid of being killed for the sake the cult.

Mae then devises a plan for her safety. She intends to enter the realm Malachi and his followers in order to willingly give her life. Mae’s plan is nothing but suicidal. She is optimistic that the outcome will be worth it. She sets up her “abduction” by disappearing during the Harvest Court so that Jules will notify her absence to Suzanne. Suzanne saves her when she arrives in Amontown. The psychiatrist battles Noah, Abigail, as well as saving Mae’s life from the perils of Malachi’s cult.

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Mae’s plan marks its success when Suzanne decides to welcome her back to her family despite the opposition of Peter and their three daughters. Mae makes Suzanne witness her family’s death if she isn’t properly protected. Thus, Suzanne cancels Mae’s move to Vermont and asks her to stay with her as the latter wants all along. As someone who had a terrible childhood, Suzanne can relate to Mae’s hardships and she does everything she can to protect the girl from her cult. Mae may have died if Suzanne doesn’t arrive at Amontown, risking her own life, but her set-up turns out to be good enough to ensure the psychiatrist’s intervention to save her.

Since Detective Lopez finds out the truth behind Mae’s set-up, her life can change. Suzanne might send her to a foster care if she believes Mae has manipulated her. If that’s the case, Malachi may find and abduct her. But since Abigail sacrifices herself for the sake of the cult, it is doubtful whether the leader of Devil’s Own may want another sacrifice even if he finds Mae. If Suzanne mistakes Mae’s manipulation as the girl’s yearning for motherly love, she may remain in the protection of Suzanne and the psychiatrist may try her best to save Mae from any dangers.

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