Doctor Lawyer Cast, Who Are The Cast In Doctor Lawyer Kdrama?

Doctor Lawyer

Doctor Lawyer, a Korean-language South Korean drama series about legal and medical issues, is directed by Lee Yong Seok. Written by Jang Hong Cheol. It stars So Jisub and Shin Sung-rok as the main characters. The series follows a genius surgeon and a prosecutor as they work together to punish and teach people who believe that wealth and power can be more important than life. They also comfort the victims by medical negligence. It has 16 episodes. The series was broadcast on 3 June 2022, and ended on 2 juillet 2022 on MBC TV. It is also available via Disney+. 

Doctor Lawyer Cast

Cast Characters
So Ji-sub Han Yi-han
Shin Sung-rok Jayden Lee
Im Soo-hyang Geum Seok-yeong
Lee Joobin Im Yoo Na
Lee Dongha Goo Hyun Sung
Woo Hyun-joo Kang Dae Woong
Choi Deok-moon Lee Do Hyung
Lee Kyung Young Goo Jin Ki
Lee Seungwoo Choi Yo Seop
Choi Jae Woong Baek Kang Ho
Choi Deok Moon Lee Do Hyung
Kim Ho-jung Jo Jung Hyun
Kang Kyung Hun Yoon Mi Sun
Kim Tae Gyum Michael Young
Nam Myung Ryul Lim Tae Moon
Park Joon Hyuk Kwon Yoon Suk
Shin Soo Jung Yoo Ga Yeon
Lee Gyu Bok Director Cheon
Noh Young Hak Jung Hee Kyung
Seo Yoon Ah Ban Soo Hee
Jung Min Ah Jo Da Rom
Jo Hyun Shik Kang Dae Woong
Im Chul Hyung Nam Hyuk Chul
Lee Sang Hoon Section Chief Park
Woo Hyun Joo Pyo Eun Sil
Kim Yun Seo Jeong Yun Jeong
Lee Chun Moo Ho Jun
Yoon Bok Sung Lim Tae Moon’s Campaign Adviser
Lee Chae Hyun Geum Seok Joo

Kdrama Doctor Lawyer

So Ji-sub is Han Yi-han

So Ji-sub plays Han Yi-Han, an actor from South Korea. Born in Incheon, South Korea, on 4th November 1977, he is now a director. So Ji-sub is best known for his roles in What Happened in Bali, I’m Sorry, I Love You, Cain and Abel, Phantom, Master’s Sun, Oh My Venus, and Rough Cut. He has also appeared as Confession and Alienod. 


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Shin Sungrok as Jayden Le

Shin Sungrok plays Jayden, a South Korean actor. 23 November 1982 in South Korea. Shin Sungrok is most famous for his roles as Doctor Lawyer, Vagabond, Perfume and My Love from the Star. He hosts O Cine, and even performed in an theatre arts play called Elisabeth das Musical. 

Im Soo-hyang as Geum Seok-yeong

Im Soo Hyang plays Geum Sung-Yeong, a South Korean actor. She was born in Busan, South Korea, on 19 April 1990. Her roles in New Tales of Gisaeng and Inspiring Generation, My ID is Gangnam Beauty and Graceful Family, When I Was the Most Beautiful, Woori the virgin, and Doctor Lawyer are her most well-known. She is currently a cast member on Sisters Run: Witch Fitness Basketball Club. 

Doctor Lawyer Crew

Specifications Crew
Director Lee Young Seok
Writer Jang Hong Cheol
Developer Kim Ho Jun
Producing Farmers Park Jae Sam

Yoo Byung Sul

Lee Seung Hee

Distributor MBC


Doctor Lawyer Trailer

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