Do Zed And Addison Break Up In Zombies 3, Find Out If Addison And Zed Break Up Or End Up Together In Zombies 3

Zed And Addison

Addison and Zed were the most beloved couple in Zombies. Their relationship has been difficult for many reasons. Zombies 3 brought a whole new set problems to their relationship, which made many wonder if they would ever end up together. Let’s find out what happened to Zed and Addison in Zombies 3 as well as Do Zed and Addison break up in Zombies 3.

Do Zed And Addison Break Up In Zombies 3?

Zombies 3 doesn’t show Zed and Addison breaking up, but they do end-up in situations where many assumed they might. Zombies 3 shows Addison getting into Mount Carmel college, and Zed waiting for his application. With the help and support of his friends, he is able to enter Mount Carmel college. After everything seems to be going smoothly, it becomes apparent that Addison is an alien. This shocks Zed and the audience. This revelation had a profound impact on their relationship. What happens to Zed & Addison? Do Zed & Addison split in Zombies 3 or do they continue their relationship?

Is Addison and Zed destined to be a couple in Zombies 3 or do they break up?

We saw that they don’t split up as we discussed in Do Zed And Addison Split Up In Zombies 3. They end up together. When it becomes clear that Addison was an alien, Addison also discovers that she must lead the aliens to their new Utopia. Addison chose to abandon her studies in order to move forward.

Zed is saddened and decides to follow Addison, but he soon discovers that he will never be able to traverse the space. He finally decides that all the good things that are happening will be good and decides to stay behind. As he predicted, things turn out to be better. Seaborrks, an Earth-based utopia where all differences are accepted, was the Utopia of the aliens who sought a Utopia. They return with Addison, and finally, Addison & Zed end up together.  

Zombies 3 Cast

Characters  Cast 
A-Lan  Matt Cornett 
Addison  Meg Donnelly 
Zed  Milo Manheim  
Eliza  Kylee Russell 
Wyatt  Pearce Joza 
Zoey  Kingston 
Bucky Buchanan  Trevor 
Wynter  Ariel, baby 
Bonzo  James Godfrey 
Zevon  Tony Nappo 
Willa  Chandler 
Principal Lee  Naomi 
Lacey  Emilia 
A-Li Kyra Tantao 
Missy  Marie Ward 
Bree  Carla Jeffery
Dale  Paul Hopkins 

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