Do Jeremiah and Belly End Up Together in The Summer I Turned Pretty?

Do Jeremiah and Belly End Up Together in The Summer I Turned Pretty?

‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ follows a love triangle in which a girl, named Belly, finds herself in a position where she has to choose between two brothers. Belly has been a friend of Jeremiah and Conrad since childhood. Each of them share a special bond with Belly. Belly, along with her family, makes things change. However, this time she is different. Conrad and Jeremiah begin to feel for her as they see her differently. Only one can feel his feelings reciprocated.

Jeremiah is enjoying a good time, using perfect timing to express his affection for Belly. Belly, who has recently been hurt by Conrad’s actions, is ready to move forward. Jeremiah is her best friend, so who’d be better than him to have a future with? Belly tries to be true to Jeremiah, refusing Conrad’s advances to make amends. Is that to say she has completely forgotten about Conrad? What does that mean for Jeremiah’s life? Will they be together? Here’s what we know. SPOILERS BEFORE

Are Jeremiah & Belly Ever Together?

As of the last episode of Season 1, Belly and Jeremiah’s future looks pretty uncertain. The relationship is doomed before it even begins, as happens with any half-hearted romance. Jeremiah and Belly are in the same boat. While Jeremiah had liked Belly enough as his best friend and considered seeing if things could go anywhere with them, Belly’s heart had always been set on Conrad. Belly wanted to be loved and noticed more by her older brother.

However, she realizes that Conrad is so wrapped in his own turmoil that he doesn’t pay any mind to her. When Conrad suddenly changes his mood and refuses to speak with her, any real moments with him appear fake. Jeremiah, however, has always been kind, considerate and it was therefore easy for her say yes to him.

Jeremiah is determined to win her affection, but things don’t always go as he wants. Conrad rises up and wins the volleyball tournament. Jeremiah takes Belly to the debutante ball. But when it comes time to dance with her, he must deal with the imminent death of his mother. Conrad, however, saves Belly’s day by dancing with her.

Even though Taylor might be Team Jeremiah, it doesn’t look like fate has any good plans for his romance with Belly. Belly kisses Conrad in the final scene. This reinforces the point. Jeremiah can have his heart broken if Conrad opens up about his feelings toward Belly.

What Happens in the Book Series

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Just as Jeremiah’s prospects with Belly don’t seem so good in the show, their romance is also doomed in the books. The first book, ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ ends with Belly and Conrad getting together. The second book, ‘It’s Not Summer Without You’ focuses on the upheavals in their romance, which eventually leads to their break-up. Jeremiah is finally able to see a future with Belly.

For two whole years, he has enjoyed the romance bliss of being with Belly. But, right as college is ending, it turns out that he had cheated with Belly with a sorority girl. It breaks Belly’s heart and she ends things with him. Jeremiah proposes Belly to save their relationship and she accepts, despite her hesitation. Belly then begins to question everything when Conrad comes back into the equation. Jeremiah realises that Conrad is her true love. He disappears just a day before the wedding and only returns when he is in a heated dispute with his brother. He leaves Belly and only sees him again after he has a heated argument with his brother.

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