Do Jeff and Lizzy End Up Together in Spiderhead? Why Were They at Spiderhead?

Romance is the second most important plot device in fiction after conflict. Although ‘Spiderhead’ is predominantly a sci-fi thriller, the romantic relationship between Jeff (Miles Teller) and Lizzy (Jurnee Smollett) is still an essential part of the narrative. We learn from their conversation that Jeff has been at Spiderhead Penitentiary & Research Center for some time, but Lizzy is still relatively new. Both are assigned to snack duty which gives them the opportunity to get close. Their love is what drives them together later in the movie. If you are wondering whether Jeff and Lizzy end up together in ‘Spiderhead,’ we got you covered. SPOILERS Ahead

Are Jeff and Lizzy going to get together?

Jeff and Lizzy, like the rest of the inmates, agreed to visit Spiderhead due to the promise of a commuted sentence as well as certain privileges. Spiderhead is a unique prison. Unlike traditional facilities, it doesn’t have locked doors or orange jumpsuits. Although most of the inmates are convicted murderers, they can socialize and almost go anywhere within the facility. All this is just a lie. When the prisoners arrive at Spiderhead, they are administered the primary drug the head of the facility, Steve Abnesti (Chris Hemsworth), has created — B-6 or OBDX or Obediex — which lets the administrator have a significant amount of control over the subject.

It is clear from the start that Jeff and Lizzy are interested each other. Steve initially doesn’t seem to know this, and it probably wouldn’t have mattered to him if he did. He would still have performed the tests in the same way. He places Jeff with two other women and administers N-40 to them. This makes them believe they are in love and allows them to have sex. The effects of the drug last only for a short time and they eventually forget what their initial feelings were. However, the subject still feels a deep connection between them.

Steve finally discovers the connection between Jeff, Lizzy, and decides that Darkenfloxx is the drug for him. This drug causes extreme mental and physical stress on the former. An inmate committed suicide the last time Darkenfloxx had been used. Steve correctly deduces that using Lizzy’s involvement will trigger certain desperate responses from Jeff. But what the other man doesn’t realize is that Jeff has teamed up with his technical associate Mark to bring him down.

Yes, Jeff and Lizzy end up together in ‘Spiderhead.’ They profess their love and successfully escape from the facility, despite Steve sending other inmates after them. In the final scene of the movie, Jeff is seen with Lizzy on a boat driving off. When they see the explosion after Steve’s plane crashes against a rock face, they realize that the mastermind behind all the torment they endured is now dead. Both of their faces feel a sense of relief. They both know they can be together.

Why Was Jeff and Lizzy at Spiderhead?!

Both Jeff and Lizzy are haunted from past tragedies. Jeff’s past is revealed in stages. Initial impressions are that Jeff was intoxicated and he rammed his car into a tree. His friend was also there, but he was later killed. Later, Jeff tells Lizzy his wife Emma was in the car with him and that he also died. After the accident, he was sentenced to two counts of voluntary murder.

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After leaving Lizzy’s 11-month-old daughter in her locked car for three hours in a Walmart parking lot, Lizzy accidentally caused her death. She was sentenced to one count reckless endangerment, and one count manslaughter. Jeff and Lizzy, mentioned above were present at Spiderhead in order to commute sentences. Steve tells them in the climactic scene that Jeff was released seven and Lizzy three months prior to this moment. But he did not tell either one of them. They are now free to leave behind all their troubles and pain and begin afresh.

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