Do Conrad and Belly End Up Together in The Summer I Turned Pretty?

In the first season of ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’, Nicole tells Belly that no one ever forgets their first love. Conrad was Belly’s first love. He has never seen her as a woman but she has always been in love with them. Belly is constantly trying to find love in another country, but ends up dreaming about her life with Conrad. Belly finally finds what she wants after a long tug-of-war with Conrad. Conrad admits that he too is in love with Belly and wants them to be together. They end the first season on a high note, but there are other factors. Do they think their kiss means a happy end? Here’s what we know about Conrad and Belly’s future. SPOILERS Ahead

What happens when Conrad and Belly get together?

The first season of ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ ends with Conrad and Belly kissing on the beach. Belly wanted to be with Conrad since childhood. She’d been in love with him since she was ten. The summer she turns sixteen she wishes to be seen differently by Conrad, not just as Steven’s little sister. She hopes Conrad will reciprocate her feelings. Conrad is in his own emotional turmoil, and keeps pushing her away.

Despite his efforts to stay away from her, Conrad can’t help but be drawn to Belly. Conrad’s eyes are a clear indication that he is also in love with her. But he’s dealing with the grief of losing his mom soon and he prefers to be alone. It also appears that being happy with Belly at the moment when his mother is secretly dying doesn’t look like a good thing to him. Conrad is adamant that Jeremiah doesn’t want to express his feelings for Belly.

No matter what they do and how much they try to stay away from each other, Conrad and Belly always seem to be revolving in one another’s orbit. He shows up whenever she needs him and, in certain moments, he goes back to his warm, friendly self with whom she can have a meaningful conversation. Conrad was the biggest obstacle to their love story. He eventually accepted his feelings and was ready to make a commitment to her.

Belly has always loved him, so it isn’t difficult for her to give him another chance, or to choose him every time. Last we saw, she had also kissed Jeremiah. It looked like they were in a real relationship, considering the way things were going. While the tragedy of their mother weighs heavy on both Conrad and Jeremiah, it would be difficult for Belly to break the younger brother’s heart, especially after he’s just found out that his mother is dying. Belly would prefer to be with Conrad even though it would not make matters easier for her.

What happens in the Book Series

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Belly was endgame with Conrad from the very beginning. Despite their miscommunications and other difficulties, they have always loved one another. They end up together in the end because their feelings are the same.

Conrad and Belly are reunited after the events of the second book. Things get complicated when Susannah passes away. In his grief, Conrad reverts to being the closed-off shell that he’d been throughout the previous summer. Belly and Conrad then have irreconcilable issues, and they end up splitting. Jeremiah then confesses to Belly his feelings. She tries to work with him. Their relationship is halted when Jeremiah cheated on Belly. Jeremiah promises her a better future and offers her his hand in marriage. Belly agrees because she loves him. But, Conrad’s return to the picture causes Belly to rethink her decision. Jeremiah soon discovers that Belly still loves Conrad despite her feelings for him.

Conrad, too, makes no effort to save his younger brother’s relationship. He tells Belly, after he learns that Jeremiah had cheated upon her, that he still loves her and that he wants her to come back. All of this eventually leads to Belly and Jeremiah breaking up, but she doesn’t get together with Conrad. She decides it is best to spend a few years apart from her brothers.

Conrad, however, can’t let go of her. Conrad starts to send her letters and they begin to communicate again. Belly returns home after spending a year in Spain and reunites with Conrad. They reunite and, a few years later, get married.

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