Dheere Dheere Se 16th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Dheere Dheere Se sixteenth December 2022 Written Episode, Written Replace on Apkahindiblog.com

Bhawana asks Vidya’s husband is he have any garments to scrub. Vidya’s husband provides her the garments then says all Vidya doing was once a drama. Bhawana helps Vidya. Bhanu calls Vidya’s husband and the latter will get pissed off and is going to him. Vidya comes there and scolds Bhawana for making a rift between her and her husband. She additional provides that she misplaced her husband so Bhawana is attempting to break her marriage existence and is going inside of. Bhawana says to herself now she understands why a lady sought after to are living together with her husband as a married girl for the remainder of her existence or else they have got to stand the hardships.

Raghav will get shocked seeing the outdated issues of him which his mom nonetheless conserving it in the home. He then sees one of the issues falling from it’s position and notices what it’s. Bhawana sees Raghav is burning some issues within the hearth. Her canine espresso brings some of the torn greeting card from there. Bhawana scolds espresso after which notices its a card and says regardless of how a lot we attempt what God written in our destiny best occurs. Bhanu notices his more youthful brother cheated in accounts so he scolds him and praises Deepak.

He additional asks his brother to to not repeat such errors and reminds him that they’ve to care for each Bhawana and Aanchal additionally. His brother defends himself pronouncing he used more cash on account of the unexpected exchange in climate. He additionally tells Bhanu that he’s staying outdoor clear of his circle of relatives more often than not. Bhanu asks him to not act pronouncing he is aware of how a lot he loves to keep away from his area and circle of relatives. He then reminds him concerning the any other wedding ceremony tournament he has to care for additionally refuses to provide him cash and leaves. Bhanu’s brother will get disappointed and says at some point he’s going to give a befitting respond to his brother needless to say.

Tomorrow Bhawana advices each Aanchal and Aarushi to visit college in combination safely. Aanchal mocks at Bhawana for her to do all of the chores of the home. Bhawana scolds her. Aanchal and Aarushi leaves for college. Espresso follows them. Aarushi presentations Aanchal her new good watch which her father introduced for her and praises her father for at all times pleasurable her each needs. Aanchal will get harm listening to it. Aarushi additionally tells Aanchal her father is making plans to shop for her new branded footwear so asks her to take her used footwear which is healthier than what she is in fact dressed in it now. Aanchal will get indignant and tells she doesn’t want it as a result of her mom is there to care for her wishes.

Aarushi mocks Aanchal additionally tries to kick Espresso when he is going close to her. Aanchal scolds Aarushi then leaves where with Espresso. Aarushi comes to a decision to show a lesson to Aanchal. Within the temple each Raghav and Bhawana attends the puja. Finish of the puja Raghav takes blessings of the priest which is Bhawana’s father in regulation. The latter blesses him and calls him Raghu. Raghav’s father interrupts and tells his identify is Raghav. He additionally scolds Raghav for touching Deepak’s father’s toes. Deepak’s father tells that Raghav has extra manners than him. Either one of them will get right into a heated argument.

Raghav’s father places the providing in puja plate then leaves where. Raghav and Bhawana watches either one of the members of the family argument and will get disappointed. Raghav comes to a decision to depart the similar time Bhawana comes to a decision to move close to the temple. Bhawana drops her puja issues however Raghav selections it up and praises her for her paintings. They each recollects the phrases they used towards one any other and hesitates to apologise however Devraj calls Raghav pronouncing his father is looking forward to him so Raghav leaves where.

Raghav’s father scolds Raghav additionally warns him to not touch or discuss with Deepak’s members of the family. Raghav obliges and will get into his automotive. He will get disappointed seeing Bhawana is suffering. Raghav meets his sister and calls her bachi (child). His sister asks him to not name her that approach.

Raghav broke her favourite clip so she tells him that she received’t spare him however finally ends up hugging him tight. Raghav’s father comes there and scolds his daughter for dressed in such garments. Raghav defends his sister. Raghav’s father warns and advices his daughter to stay their tradition in thoughts whilst dressed in garments then is going inside of. Raghav’s sister and Raghav imitate their father and laughs arduous. Their mom scolds them each for his or her act.

Bhawana is in an insurance coverage workplace. She asks the peon to lend a hand her meet the officer. The peon exams the paperwork Bhawana introduced together with her and tells that he’s going to lend a hand her with what she overlooked to fill within the paperwork and indicators at her for cash. Bhawana receives a choice from her sister in regulation and the latter asks her to come back house rapid and do the works which she left it prior to one. Bhawana consents. Raghav’s mom suggests Raghav to talk over with the workplace which annoys Gaurav’s spouse so she acts and asks Raghav’s mom to to not hassle Raghav as he’s going to stick right here for few days best.

Raghav’s mom tells her it’s nonetheless his workplace. Gaurav’s spouse complains to herself about Raghav returning to say his rights in any case this yr her husband labored arduous. Gaurav suggests to drop Raghav the place he’s going however the latter refuses pronouncing he’s going to sign up workplace as he have some works to do. Bhawana requests the peon to let her lend a hand meet the officer. The peon informs the officer about Bhawana and the officer asks him to ship her inside of. Bhawana is going there and the officer asks her to signal the papers. Bhawana obliges. Raghav involves the registration workplace.

Precap: Bhawana cries and asks her husband’s photograph why did he betrayed her by way of leaving her by myself eternally which isn’t in any respect a proper factor to do. Raghav says himself that his spouse betrayed him and he’s going to by no means forgive her and overlook her needless to say. Bhawana says that she received’t overlook Deepak in any respect. Each Raghav and Bhawana notices every different from their area.

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