deWiz Golf Closes Nearly USD4M Series-B Funding

deWiz Golf AB, a Malmö, Sweden-based Golf Wearable Technology company, raised nearly USD4M in Series B funding.

The Series-B funding round was backed by the original investors group, and includes new investors like Patrick Rees, founder of Bygghemma, and global deWiz ambassadors Vijay Singh and Annika Sörenstam.

The company intends use the funds to increase global growth of its golf swing modifier. This device has enjoyed great traction at all levels of golf, from instructors to professional tour players to club golfers. The investment will showcase deWiz’s wearable swing modifying technology through additional marketing, further global expansion, continued product development, and added staffing to support further growth.

Led by CEO Christian Bergh and Chief Product Officer Markus Westeberg, deWiz provides a swing modifier wearable tech, which tracks the exact position of a golfer’s hands throughout the swing and provides a 3D analysis to help golfers hit the ball longer, straighter and closer. deWiz is available in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan, South Africa, and South Korea (more markets are opening regularly – visit the site for the latest updates).   Find out how to hit the ball more consistently, faster, straighter, closer. The deWiz Coaches Program offers teaching professionals a new way to coach by giving students real-time, actionable data that they can use to improve their practice and seamlessly monitor their progress between lessons. Affiliate revshare programs, advance data access and dedicated onboarding for certified golf instructors are some of the benefits.



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