Destiny 2 Piercing Sidearm Not Working, How To Fix Destiny 2 Piercing Sidearm Not Working Issue?

Destiny 2 Piercing Sidearm Not Working, How To Fix Destiny 2 Piercing Sidearm Not Working Issue?

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is known by another name, New Light. Bungie released it as a free-to play online multiplayer first-person shooter game in 2017. It was also available for purchase on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows platforms. On October 1, 2019, it was made free-to play. Then, it was released on Stadia, followed by the PlayStation 5 in the following month. In November 2020, the game was shifted to Xbox Series X/S platforms. Activision published it until December 31, 2018. Bungie bought the publishing rights. This is the sequel to Destiny, released in 2014.

Destiny 2 Piercing Sidearm Does Not Work

Many gamers complained that the Destiny 2 Piercing Sidearm was not working and that the Mod for the sidearms gets disabled without any explanation. The gamers have been fighting this issue for several weeks. The gamers also discovered that the Mod had been darkened in their slot prior to resetting. And when checking the artifact, they notice the purchased item is gone and acts as if it wasn’t purchased yet. The unlock couldn’t be possible here, but there is no refund for an unlock either. This is the most pathetic situation Destiny 2 has ever seen.

Piercing sidearm mod Get Disabled Destiny 2

On inspecting the recent posts of Bungie (The game developer), we noticed they posted, “Due to an issue, we have disabled the Piercing Sidearm Artifact mod.” None of the gamers were happy about knowing this. The item does not appear to be purchased even though it’s in Artifacts. Till now, Bungie hasn’t come up with a fix. The gamers can clearly see that they are arguing for a fix. 

Do not fix piercing sidearms Destiny 2

Destiny 2 introduces players to multiple equipment and teaches them how to use it. Each piece is designed to perform a particular role. The ability to pierce armor with bullets is an important thing. It also allows you to defeat enemies quicker. The piercing arm mod lets you shoot through walls. This makes the piercing modifiers even more potent. Bungie, the developer of this feature, has now disabled it due to its overpowered effects. It is unclear if they will either fix this issue or remove it permanently.

Destiny 2 Game More Details

Details Specifications
Platform Microsoft Windows

PlayStation 4

Xbox One


PlayStation 5

Xbox Series S/X

Developer Bungie
Publisher Bungie
Mode Multiplayer

Destiny 2: Gameplay

It features a multiplayer “shared world” environment that allows for role-playing and includes mythic science fiction elements. The two-game modes of Destiny 2 are player versus environment (PvE), and player versus person (PvP). PvE can include standard story objectives, three player “strikes,” and dungeons. Six-player raids are also included. Free roam patrol mode is available at all destinations for activities and public events that are not included in the original. These activities are intended to explore the locations and interact with non-player character (NPCs). Both objective-based and standard deathmatch modes are available in PvP mode.

Destiny 2 Trailer

Piercing sidearm mod Get Disabled Destiny 2

Do not fix piercing sidearms.

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