Death Race 3 Film Cast: Who Are The Cast In The Death Race 3 Film?

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Death Race Movie

Death Race 3: Inferno, a 2013 American science fiction action film directed by Roel Reiné, is referred to as Death Race 3 and Death Race: Inferno. The third film of the Death Race series takes places in the period between Death Race 2 (2010) & Death Race 2008. The movie was released on January 22, 2013 as a direct-to video release. In 2018, Death Race: Beyond Anarchy was released to chase it.

Death Race 3 Inferno Film Cast

Luke Goss Carl “Luke” Lucas / “Frankenstein”
Tanit Phoenix Katrina Banks
Danny Trejo  Goldberg
Fred Koehler  “Lists”
Ving Rhames R. H. Weyland
Dougray Scott Niles York / “Frankenstein”
Robin Shou  “14K”
Hlubi Mboya  Satana
Kim Syster Olivia
Roxane Hayward Prudence
Eugene Wanangwa Khumbanyiwa  Nero
Chase Armitage  “Apache” 
Lauren Cohan September Jones 
Dick Ervasti  Commercial
Olivia Jackson Palmer
Anton David Jeftha  “Jackal”
Louis Joubert  Psycho Pit Crew #1
Brandon Livanos  “Pretty Boy”
Dumani Mtya  Angry Skinhead
Michael Solomon “Sheik” (archive footage)
Rowan Thane Tunnel Riot Guard

Main Cast of Death Race 3 Film

Luke Goss is Carl Lucas

Luke Damon Goss, an English actor, is the drummer for the 1980s band Bros. Goss, along with his twin brother Matt Goss, began his career in boy band Bros in 1980. He has thirteen hits singles that have reached number one in the UK.

Tanit Phoenix as Katrina Banks

Tanit Phoenix, a South African actress, make-up artist, and fashion model, is Tanit. After appearing in the 2003 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, as well as GQ and FHM, she gained fame for her bikini shots and lingerie photo shoots.

Danny Trejo as Goldberg

Danny Trejo is an American actor. Trejo’s cinematic journey began in 1985, when he accidentally became a boxer at a $320 a day rate in Runaway Train, an independent American film.

Fred Koehler on Lists

American actor Frederick Koehler is best known for playing Andrew Schillinger in the HBO miniseries Oz and Chip Lowell on Kate & Allie.

Synopsis of Death Race 3 Film

Frankenstein, a convicted cop killer and Carl Lucas, is the champion driver in the Death Race demolition derby that takes place in a prison yard. Lucas is forced into a new competition that is more brutal than any he has ever faced. He is just one victory away from rescuing himself and his pit crew. Lucas struggles to keep his crew alive in a race in South Africa’s Kalahari Desert. He is up against some of his most vicious rivals. Will Lucas’s determination to win at all cost lead him to his demise? Solid forces are working behind-the scenes to ensure his loss.

Overview of Death Race 3 Film

Film  Death Race 3 
Director  Roel Reine 
Genre  Thriller




Country of origin  United States 
Language  English 
Duration  105 minutes 
Release date  January 22, 2013, 

Trailer Of Death Race 3 Film

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