Dead Meat Kill Count Episode 30 Release Date: Another Gruesome Movie is Analyzed

While watching a really good horror movie, you might’ve at least once been curious as to just how many people die in the background while you focus on the popcorn, pretending you aren’t scared.

Dead Meat is the best channel. Adrenaline addicts For whatever reason, some people keep track of things like the Kills in Horror Movies. The time and the way it is done. As gruesome and cold-hearted as it is, Dead meat is quite an interesting series if you don’t mind a “Little” Gore. 

James A. Janisse is the host. James A. Janisse describes himself to be obsessed with the “macabre” side of movies. Dead meat was launched in April 2017. Since then, the channel has been consistent in uploading these “Kill count” Episodes each week. 

These Episodes begin with James giving a humorous overview of the movie followed by counting each kill and the times it occurred. Based on the shocking ways these kills were performed, James also gives certain deaths titles such as The Golden Chainsaw The coolest kill The Primo Premonition that’s specifically used in the Final Destination Movies, and The Coolest Corpse It is awarded to the best-looking Zombie in a zombie movie.

Dead Meat Episode 28: A Recap

James Janisse had previously reviewed the 2010 remake of the movie in an episode. “The Wolfman”. This 30 minute episode was published on September 16th, 2022. Universal Studios described The Wolfman as their worst film, bringing it to us from the same people who brought Cat In The Hat to life. However, this movie has a Kill count for 31 people. Most of them were werewolves caught up in the werewolf frenzy.

The Wolfman

The main lead is Lawrence Talbot Benicio De Toro is the actor. He is addressed a letter by Gwen Conliffe, explaining the mysterious disappearance of Lawrence’s brother Ben Talbot. He arrives at Blackmoor, He finds out that his brother, who lives in the same area as his family, was murdered. bizarre way. Lawrence uncovers the mystery in his village, and discovers it himself.

The first Kill, shown 6 minutes into the movie, was supposedly done by a werewolf “offscreen”. Though this movie had 31 kills, it isn’t the highest the number has gone. The movie “Zombieland: Double Tap(2019)” takes the crown with almost 400 kills.

The Kills were presented to the Werewolf with two awards. One is “The Golden Chainsaw” for Constable Nyes Gruesome and shocking death, and the other is “Dull Machete” for Carter’s dead body being unrecognizable. Yikes!

As for the 29th episode, it was postponed, and no video was uploaded on Dead Meat’s Channel. It was going to feature the 2004 movie “Seed Of Chucky”.

Seed of Chucky

A still from the movie “Seed Of Chucky”

You can still view the older episodes of Dead Meat which featured this movie. Although it does mention the kill counts, James doesn’t really go into much detail about the Movie itself.

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Dead Meat Episode 30: Release date and spoilers

Dead Meat Episode 30 is scheduled to be uploaded on September 23rd, 2022. The series will release new kill counts each Friday and Sunday. The Episode that was supposed to air this Sunday, September 18th, was Unfortunately postponed due to YouTube’s policies. 

If Dead Meat follows the prior schedule, the next episode in line will feature the nightmarish movie “Curse Of Chucky (2013), which was Directed by Don Mancini, creator of the Child’s Play franchise. 

Curse of Chucky Revolts around Nica, who has paralysis, and her Niece Alice. This movie reveals Chucky’s origins and shows how Charles Lee Ray, the soul that possessed him, had died. It’s filled with Graphic murder scenes that are sure to give you spine-crawling chills. 

Next movies are Cult of Chucky (Scream series), and Dude Bro Party Massacre III (2013). For more information on the Kill counts, you can watch the full episode of this Friday’s television to learn more about the film and the awards James will end up giving.

Where to watch Dead Meat Killer Count Episode 30

Dead Meat’s Kill Count can be viewed on its official YouTube Channel, free of cost. Each episode lasts 30-50 minutes and premieres on Fridays and Saturdays. You can also watch podcasts and similar uploads on the channel.

Megaphone offers Podcasts by the Dead meat. You can also listen on Megaphone. Creators Patreon has exclusive sneak peeks, additional content and more. Dead Meat Store – Exclusive Dead Meat Merch

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