Daniel Olson: Found or Missing? Is He Dead or Alive?

Fargo, North Dakota residents were stunned when Daniel Olson, 38 years old, vanished in mysterious circumstances from his Fargo home in October 2021. According to reports, he was a veteran of the war fighting post-traumatic stress disorder and may have been involved in his disappearance. Paramount+’s ‘Never Seen Again’ chronicles the strange disappearance and follows the police investigation that carried out massive searches in hopes of bringing Daniel back safely. We can help you find out if Daniel has been located if you are interested in the case details.

What Happened To Daniel Olson

Daniel Olson was 38 when he disappeared. He lived alone in Fargo (North Dakota) at the time. People who knew Olson described him as generous, kind-hearted, and a person who loved helping others. He was also known for his friendliness. Daniel served two years in Iraq as a member of the North Dakota National Guard. He developed post-traumatic stress disorder as a result and was aware of the potential dangers.

Daniel advocated for others who were suffering the same conditions and did his best to help them. According to reports, Daniel was employed as a research associate at North Dakota State University in the Department of Soil Science. His absence from work alerted others of his disappearance. Daniel disappeared from work at North Dakota State University in October 2021. This made his employers very anxious.

The 38-year old was well-known for his diligence and ability to complete his work on time. When Daniel’s employer found out he was not available over phone or text, Lonnie Wertz called his cousin Lonnie Wertz and told him about the unusual situation. Lonnie, who also resided in Fargo, immediately went to his cousin’s house but couldn’t find any trace of the missing man. This was when Lonnie approached authorities to report Daniel missing on October 28, 20,21.

Is Daniel Olson lost or found? Is he still alive or dead?

Unfortunately, Daniel hasn’t been located yet, making his current status quite unclear. His family and the authorities hope for his safe return. The police interviewed many of his friends and colleagues to create a list with possible destinations. The police combed these locations with a mix of volunteers and law enforcement officers. Authorities also sought to learn more about the missing man to determine whether foul play was involved. Although everyone knew Daniel was a good person, no immediate suspects were identified.

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Image Credit: Staff Sergeant. Amy Wieser Willson (North Dakota National Guard/Inforum).

Eventually, on November 4, 2021, law enforcement officials came across Daniel’s abandoned vehicle close to South Bismarck’s Cottonwood Park. Lonnie also mentioned that Daniel grew up near Bismarck’s Cottonwood Park, but there was no reason to have him drive there. Nevertheless, once authorities searched the car, they found several of Daniel’s personal items inside, confirming that he was there at one point. The police then searched the Cottonwood Park area including the Lincoln Oakes Nursery and other areas.

According to reports, authorities used horses, sniffer dogs, one patrol plane, drones and underwater sonar to search for the missing person. However, reports claim that the Bismarck Search has been canceled. Police still consider the case an active investigation and encourage anyone with information to share it. While they have seemingly ruled out foul play in Daniel’s disappearance, Sgt. Mark Gaddis spoke to the public in December 2021.

The detective said, “Just the circumstances, I would think that there is some concern for his welfare. We are worried about him because his car was found and he wasn’t around it. His family and friends also have not heard from him. So if anybody has some information on where he could be, please call us.” On the other hand, Daniel’s family believes he will return home safely and cooperates with law enforcement in the search.

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