The Cycle Frontier: Weapon Tier List

The Cycle Frontier, a free-to play PvPvE videogame that revolves on a deserted planet, is available for download. Prospectors play on hostile planets with monsters and players while they complete various contracts. You will find that you have to use the most powerful weapons in order to survive as you advance. Which weapons should you choose? Here’s our weapon tier list ranked from best to worst in The Cycle: Frontier.

The Best Weapon Tier List for Frontier: The Cycle

S+ Tier: These are all the details Top guns and superpowered They are at. These weapons are not only highly effective at penetration, but also have quick reload times. You can shoot monsters and players with Kinetic Arbiter. Each weapon is fast reloadable and has high damage penetration. These weapons also have the highest accuracy rates.

S- TierLMG Guarantee – This guarantee guarantees that you will get frags. This weapon has the greatest gun penetration and reloads quicker. The rest of the weapons

A TierThis tier has a high penetration and fire rate. The low DMG is the reason these guns are on this list. They are easy to reload and inflict less damage on enemies, despite being quick to fire off.

B TierThe weapons on this list have a low fire rate, penetration, and decent DMG stats. The weapons can be used in close- and medium-ranged combat. This tier is dominated by PKR Maelstorm and KBR Longshot. If you want to inflict severe damage, ensure that you buy these weapons.

C Tier: They lack all of the above. These guns can be used as starters but should be replaced with higher tiers as your skills improve.

D Tier: This gun is not ranked in this list for any other reason than its two main reasons. Low reload, low DMG!

Only close-range combat is allowed for Bulldog. Due to the nature and game, it is not possible. It has low penetration and a shorter reload time. It also has a lower firerate and inflicts less harm.

Here are the names of all the weapons and types, ranked in order from best to worst.

All Weapons Ranked in Order of Worst to Best

Weapon Type of weapon Tier
KARMA – 1 Sniper S+
Voltaic Brute SMG S+
 Kinetic Arbiter Sniper S+
Komrad Heavy S-
ASP Flechette Gun Auto SMG S-
Basilisk Sniper S-
ICA Guarantee Auto AR S-
Advocate Heavy A
Zeus Beam SMG A
KM9 Scrapper SMG A
 Lacerator DMR A
KBR Longshot DMR B
 S-576 PDW Auto-SMG B
PKR Maelstrom Shotgun B
B9 Trenchgun Shotgun B
AR 55 Auto-Rifle C
 Scarab Burst Pistol C
Phasic Lancer Semi-auto Pistol C
 K-28 Semi-auto Pistol C
Bulldog Shotgun D

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