Chucky Season 2 Episode 3 Recap and Ending, Explained: Is Trevor Dead?

The 3rd episode of ‘Chucky‘ season 2 specializes in Jake, Devon, and Lexy as the kids face the huge job of torturing the captured Chucky. The episode, titled ‘Hail Mary!,’ sees the trio deciding learn how to extract data from the Excellent Man doll of their ownership. The episode will pay homage to the vintage horror movie ‘A Clockwork Orange’ directed by means of Stanley Kubrick, with Jake and pals getting ingenious with their torture concepts. If you want to make amends for the episode’s occasions and finishing, here’s the whole lot you wish to have to find out about ‘Chucky’ season 2 episode 3! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Chucky Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

The 3rd episode, titled ‘Hail Mary!,’ begins with Chucky certain and gagged inside of Lexy and Nadine’s room. Jake, Devon, Lexy, and Nadine ponder what they should do with their captured enemies. They query Chucky about his plans and need solutions concerning the survival of the Excellent Man dolls after Andy Barclay drives them off a cliff. Then again, the infamous Charles Lee Ray spirit within the doll refuses to respond to them. The gang realizes that threatening Chucky won’t paintings and devise an alternate resolution – brainwashing.

The gang forcefully displays Chuky pictures of gore and violence till some degree the place the doll feels nauseous and vomits. Because of this, the gang’s plan works, and this actual Chucky is cured of his violent inclinations. The doll turns into nicer and adorably interacts with the gang turning into Great Chucky within the procedure. Then again, on account of the brainwashing, Chucky not recalls its exact plan.

In the meantime, every other Chucky doll is brought to the college. Trevor tries to bully Lexy, however she manages to position him in his position. Then again, Lexy suffers from withdrawal after operating out of her drug stash. He confides about her drug downside in Nadine, who comforts her roommate. However, the brand new Chucky doll lurks within the college and claims its first sufferer, Father O’Malley. Chucky strangles Father O’Malley with the latter’s rosary beads within the confession chamber.

Somewhere else, Father Bryce sees Jake and Devon kissing and punishes Devon for a distinct explanation why. Father Bryce is obviously now not a supporter of the LGBTQ+ group. The Great Chucky leaves Nadine’s room and units out on every other challenge. Jake, Devon, Lexy, and Nadine know about Chucky’s disappearance from the dorm room. Because of this, they begin a seek for the doll. Concurrently, Trevor plans his revenge on Lexy.

Chucky Season 2 Episode 3 Finishing: Is Trevor Useless? The place Is Chucky?

Within the episode’s ultimate act, Trevor makes a decision to land Lexy in hassle. Trevor is the bully of the Incarnate Lord premises and takes a selected dislike to Lexy thru no fault of her personal. The dynamic mirrors that between Lexy and Jake early within the first season. Trevor learns about Lexy’s drug use and makes a plan to precise his revenge on her. He’s taking a small bag of gear to Lexy’s room and vegetation it in her table drawer. Then again, sooner than Trevor can go away the room, Chucky assaults him. The doll impales Chucky and leaves a large gaping hollow in his torso.

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In the beginning, it kind of feels just like the Chucky attacking Trevor is identical one the gang had reworked thru brainwashing. Then again, the next scenes depict the Great Chucky sitting in Father Bryce’s place of work. Subsequently, it’s glaring that the model of Chucky attacking Trevor is the brand new doll that used to be dropped at the college previous within the episode.

In the meantime, Lexy and Nadine go back to their room best to seek out Trevor useless at the ground. Chucky’s brutal assault leaves {the teenager} with out a probability of survival, and he succumbs to his wounds. Then again, Lexy and Nadine can’t be stuck with Trevor’s frame. The ladies understand that Sister Ruth is on her inspection spherical and will knock on their door any second. Subsequently, Lexy and Nadine temporarily shift Trevor’s frame and conceal it safely to steer clear of suspicion.

Somewhere else, the Great Chucky sits in Father Bryce’s room, looking forward to the priest to reply. Then again, the episode ends by means of revealing that the opposite Chucky is sitting in Bryce’s seat. In contrast to the Great Chucky or the opposite Chucky variants now we have noticed within the display to this point, this one is bulked up and appears menacing, entire with six-pack plastic abs. Therefore, Jake, Lexy, Devon, and Nadine are in a ways deeper hassle than they might be able to consider.

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