Channa Mereya 10th November 2022 Written Update: Ginni, Aditya joins Hands

Ginni asks her why she is trying to convey that she does not have a culture? There’s nothing to worry about, she’ll not cause any unnecessary drama on this show.

Shailaja is provoking Supreet to take on Ginni by claiming they won’t lose anything from it. However, our business is dependent on it. Sonia is not just a close grandpa’s close friend but is an investor as well. She counsels her to be careful about this deal. While she is here, Supreet suggests Amber and Aditya to eat something prior to Sonia arrives here. They’ll have no time to eat something. Amber tells Aditya that he has gathered all detail of Sonia’s investments with our company. Aditya claims that she earned the profit from every investment.

Supreet wants to know what she reply to our question? He claims that he’s confused about what to do? Sonia isn’t a fan of his style of talking. Amber informs Ginni’s family members that Sonia will be here in a only a couple of minutes. This is important for him in his business. He can’t allow a minor error to occur within the process. Ginni’s family did not pay attention to their concerns. Shailaja tells Amber that she’s not to visit as a family member. She’s an investor make sure you remember that. She doesn’t want the latest drama. Akash talks about his thoughts with Amber. The car sounds were heard and Amber immediately rushed out.

Amber family welcomes Sonia and welcomes Sonia and welcome. Sonia recognizes Aditya and compliments him for looking beautiful. She informs him that Rajvant was a friend of many things about him. She was only able to see him in his picture from his childhood. She says she has did not expect to meet Rajvant in these situations. She asks Aditya on his overall health? He informs her that he’s doing better, but isn’t completely safe.

A few years ago, he complied with his son’s demand. It was due to his request. Aditya brings her into the home. Supreet informs Shailaja that Rajvant told her that she’s like a star. Shailaja informs her that she is afraid that she’ll leave there and see the drama between mom and daughter. Surprised everyone, Ginni’s family welcomed Sonia in a grand manner. Sonia liked her decorations. Shailaja tells Supreet that she’s talented in drawing attention to others.

Ginni receives Sonia’s blessings and introduced herself to Sonia. Sonia tells Ginni that she’s spreading love. She greets her mother. Amber is asking Sonia to read the contract. If she is satisfied, she can accept it. Supreet is in agreement with the agreement. Sonia clarifies to her that she’s not here to sign any agreements. She is looking to meet to Aaditya and Ginni on their own. Aditya will take them to the airport. Amber questions what she is trying to communicate to them in private. Then, Sonia says to Ginni and Aaditya that she’s aware that both are very strong. She is trying to convey something that is important to them. Maybe her words will not make them smile. If she had another alternative, she wouldn’t bring this issue up. Aditya is asking her what’s going about here?

Shailaja makes the scene. She complains about how she advised the family not to contact her from here. She says that everything is happening is due to the mother and daughter. Amber declares that he’ll never quit anyone here if they doesn’t sign the contract. Ginni’s mother gives a very appropriate response to the girls. Gurleen requests them to settle down. Sonia would like to meet Rajvant in a private setting. Amber insists on Aditya to reveal to the other members what’s going on? Aditya states to him that it’s not possible to divulge the truth right in the present.

Ginni tells her mother that God is with her. He heard their prayers. If anyone attempted to pull off their leg. They’ll get punished for this. Aditya fights with her, and walks away. Supreet tells them that they will not be capable of doing anything until she leaves. Then, Sonia shares her grief with them and requests for them to take proper treatment for Rajvant and leave from there. Aditya requests Ginni to end the story right now. He was unable to divulge his true identity to Amber.

Then, Ginni feels like someone watching her. He kidnaps her. Ginni begins to smack him for having abducted her. Aditya informs her that it’s him. They both hug one another. She tells Armaan the fact that Sonia United them. She also revealed that Ginni’s father was betrayed by someone. She handed over the letter to Ginni. Someone deliberately threw him off. Someone is who wants to cause death to him. Ginni has a conversation with him.

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