Chainsaw Man Episode 2 Recap and Ending, Explained

In ‘Chainsaw Guy’ episode 2 titled ‘Arrival in Tokyo,’ Makima takes Denji to the Tokyo headquarters of the government-sanctioned Public Protection Satan Hunters group. As soon as he’s there, she introduces him to Aki Hayakawa and the eccentric duo is commissioned to paintings in combination. Regardless of their preliminary squabbles, Hayakawa and Denji are quickly tasked to care for a rogue fiend. Right here’s the entirety you want to understand in regards to the finishing of ‘Chainsaw Guy’ episode 2. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Chainsaw Guy Episode 2 Recap

After Denji accepts Makima’s be offering to paintings for her, he’s taken via the Public Protection satan hunters. On their means, she provides him her black coat or even orders meals for the human-devil hybrid as he feels hungry. On the other hand, simply moments prior to consuming it, he falls into Makima’s fingers probably on account of the lack of numerous blood. All through all this, Makima may be very affected person and type to Denji, who feels thankful as nobody has ever handled him so smartly all his lifestyles.

After an extended force, Makima and Denji in any case succeed in the Tokyo headquarters of the Public Protection satan hunters. She explains to him that there are over 1000 satan hunters within the town however ones with the Public Protection obtain paid leaves and different advantages. Denji is later instructed that he’s going to be operating beneath Aki Hayakawa, who’s 3 years his senior and isn’t in any respect occupied with having him round.

When the eccentric duo is going for the patrol, Denji assists in keeping bugging Hayakawa with questions on Makima. Quickly, the satan hunter has had sufficient and takes him to an alley the place he beats him up. He advises Denji to return and not go back since other people like him who joined the Public Protection for ulterior motives die very quickly. On the other hand, the rookie refuses to backpedal and beats up his senior moments later.


Denji tells Hayakawa that he hasn’t ever been handled so smartly in lifestyles, so even supposing he has to place his lifestyles at the line to stay his activity, he isn’t afraid to do it. The duo visits Makima’s place of job after the brawl and he or she tells Denji that he both works for them or he’s going to get disposed of. On the other hand, if he does smartly, there’s a likelihood that he would possibly ultimately get started going out on missions along with her.

Chainsaw Guy Episode 2 Finishing: What’s a Fiend? Why Does Denji Refuse to Use His Satan Powers on One Regardless of Hayakawa’s Orders?

Hayakawa and Denji are knowledgeable via the police {that a} rogue fiend that poses a risk to civil lifestyles is reported to be in a Nerima place of dwelling. Right away answering the decision, the eccentric duo succeed in the positioning once conceivable. When they’re in any case there, Denji and Hayakawa be informed that the police have already accomplished the evacuation and the fiend is hiding in a second-story room.


Since Denji is new to devil-hunting, he does no longer even know what a fiend is, so Hayakawa explains that they’re devils in ownership of a corpse. Whilst they’ve supernatural skills, their powers are reduced compared to their authentic satan shape. However identical to devils can enhance their well being via consuming blood, the fiends can also get well in the similar means. There also are cases when fiends can quickly get again their authentic satan shape.

Moreover, they at all times have function heads, this means that Denji isn’t certainly one of them since his human shape has no such bodily anomalies. As one could have guessed, the fiend’s persona is managed via the satan. When Denji and Hayakawa in any case to find the fiend, the latter orders the previous to become a satan and kill it in order that he may just analyze his combating prowess and conclude if he’s just right sufficient or no longer. However ignoring his orders, Denji makes use of the awl in his hand to decapitate the fiend. Denji tells Hayakawa that he simply sought after the fiend’s loss of life to be painless, so he made up our minds to not deliver out the chainsaws.


Hayakawa is of course livid and lectures him that he can’t have sympathy with them as he’s now a satan hunter. He argues that everybody together with the law-enforcement officials is placing their lives at the line, so his friendliness in opposition to the enemies naturally turns out unserious and out of contact with truth. On the other hand, Denji argues that others would possibly not see the arena as him however he has no drawback sympathizing or changing into a chum with a satan.

Who’s Assigned As Denji’s Spouse? Is She a Fiend?

After their project in Nerima, Denji and Hayakawa are summoned to Makima’s place of job once more. That’s when Denji learns that he has been assigned a spouse for the Public Protection executes patrol. That’s when a fiend walks into the place of job and introduces herself as Energy. Whilst operating along with her, Denji notices that she has a peculiar blood-lust and learns that she was once a perilous satan prior to changing into a fiend.


Because the horns on her head draw an excessive amount of consideration, the eccentric duo is tasked to patrol a space the place there are only a few pedestrians. When Energy smells blood within the air, she rushes to the positioning with Denji looking to stay alongside of her. Whilst a person is attempting to tell the government in regards to the sea cucumber satan, Energy simply casually crushes it with no moment concept and rejoices at the best of its stays for doing it prior to any individual else.

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