Causal Raises $4.2M in Seed Funding

Causal is a London-based app that allows teams to work with numbers. It raised seed funding of $4.2 million.

Causal Raises $4.2M in Seed Funding

The round brought in $5.5 million in total funding and was led by Accel. Other investors included Coatue Capital, Passion Capital, Verissimo ventures, Naval Ravikant and Varadh Jain also participated.

The new capital will be used by the company to expand the engineering team and bring the product to market.

Spreadsheets are used worldwide by nearly every company to calculate numbers and make business decisions. Finance teams are confined to financial models. However, many teams within organizations are becoming more quantitative. Forecasting is essential for sales teams, marketing, and engineering teams to develop growth strategies and plan cloud spending.

Spreadsheets haven’t changed in 40 years. They are difficult to use, disconnected from company data sources (accounting, CRM, payments processor), as well as static outputs that hinder collaboration. Spreadsheets don’t fit the needs of today’s data-driven, collaborative workforce.

Causal was founded in 2019 by Taimur Abdulaal and Lukas Kobis. It allows team members to quickly set up their model, connect their data with Stripe, QuickBooks, and Salesforce, and generate charts and reports. Causal allows users to share their models in an interactive dashboard that allows teams to collaborate and help each other understand the models.

Today, Causal targets 100-500 person companies. Teams from finance, sales, marketing, and HR use it.

Next month, the company will officially launch the product via Product Hunt.

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