Carl Weber’s The Family Business Season 4 Episode 1 Release Date: Bringing in The Muscle

Carl Weber’s The Family Business Season 4 Episode 1 is right around the corner! Ernie Hudson’s stellar series on BET is back again for more crime drama for us to enjoy. His family and their rivals are circling them. Can they keep up with their crime empire? Are they doomed for good? This series, which is high-budget in production, was developed by Carl Weber and Maureen Guthman to air on the BET Network.

The series stars an impressive and award-winning ensemble cast. It tells the story the Duncan family, which owns a New York City car dealership. The Duncan family hails from Jamaica, Queens, New York. They use this as a front to launder money and engage in other mafia-related rackets. Things get complicated when the father of the family starts to think about his retirement. It is then that the story unfolds. 

We are about to start another season!

Carl Weber’s The Family Business Premise

The Duncans are an honorable family who own a successful Queens car dealer during the day. They live a dangerous double life at night! The Family Business features Eric Pete and Carl Weber creating a dramatic underworld drama. L.C., the patriarch of the family, is approaching retirement age. Duncan is nearing retirement age and wants to spend his golden years in Florida. The economic downturn is affecting the company and, to make matters worse, Duncan must decide which of his children should be in charge.

Orlando’s siblings, including the favorite son Vegas, cunning daughter London, glitzy party girl Paris, and flamboyant nightclub owner Rio, are upset when his workaholic son Orlando receives the honor. But the Zunigas are also upset and their fragile business partnership with Duncans could end anytime. When Vegas abruptly splits from the family, Harris, London’s lawyer husband, goes after the business, and chaos ensues. As it turns out, the Duncan family’s business comprises much more than just car sales. Each member of the Duncan family is open to sharing a particular skill. The Mafia, Mexican drug cartels and the Zunigas have attacked the Duncans. They must stay together or perish.

Carl Weber's The Family Business Season 4 Episode 1

Ernie Hudson as LC Duncan


Ernie Hudson (from Oz, The Ghostbusters), stars as LC Duncan. LC Duncan is the family boss and head honcho of Duncan Family Motors. Valerie Pettiford (from the sitcom Half & Half) plays Charlotte Duncan, LC’s wife who tries to keep the family together at all costs. Armand Assante, from Gotti and Judge Dredd, plays Sal Dash. He is a Mafia crime lord who associates with LC Duncan. Darrin Henson (from Lincoln Heights) plays Orlando Duncan, the new CEO for Duncan Family Motors, he’s smart, educated, and cunning.

Emilio Rivera plays Alejandro Zuniga in Sons of Anarchy. He is the antagonist of the Mexican cartel boss Alejandro Zuniga and wants to take control of the Duncan family business. Uncle Lou is played in Ray by Clifton Powell. He’s the muscle for the car business and for the streets, providing the strong arm that the organization needs when its time to get their hands dirty. Rounding up the cast we have KJ Smith, Michael Jai White, Dylan Wber, Arrington Foster, Sean Ringgold, Tami Roman, Miguel A, Nuñez Jr. Javicia Leslie and Yadi Rivera.

Carl Weber’s The Family Business Season 4 Trailer

Carl Weber’s The Family Business Streaming Details

Carl Weber’s The Family Business airs on BET. The show can be streamed from Bet+ and Amazon Prime Video, Spectrum on Demand, Spectrum on Demand and DirecTV streaming. You can also purchase the episodes through Apple iTunes, Amazon Direct Video and Vudu Fandango. 

Carl Weber’s The Family Business Season 4 Episode 1 Release Date

Carl Weber’s The Family Business Season 4 Episode 1 will release on September 1, 2022 on BET+. The debut episode of this new season is “Crazy As Duncans,” it was written by Carl Weber and directed by Trey Haley. Each episode is sixty minutes long. What do you think of this show? Follow us on Facebook and let us know what you think in the comments. Keep coming back to Otakukart for more information about your favorite movies, series, and reality shows. Until next time

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