Canditech Raises $9M in Seed Funding

Canditech, a Tel Aviv, Israel-based startup enabling companies to accurately assess job candidates with an online job-simulation platform, raised $9m in seed funding.

Insight Partners, a global software investor, and StageOne Ventures led the round.

The company plans to use the funds for faster expansion in new markets.

Co-founded by Guy Barel, Knaan Braz and Nir Dovrat, Canditech helps companies hire people, faster, while giving every candidate a fair chance to showcase their skills. Candidats can see the company and the future roles by using work-samples that are custom-made to simulate each position. This allows them to get a feel for the daily work environment such as writing code, analyzing Excel data, writing emails to clients and optimizing marketing campaigns.

Canditech’s solution presents a win-win situation for both the company and its candidates. The platform allows hiring executives to customize simulations for their specific roles and spend their precious time on candidates with the greatest chance of excelling in that role. It uses advanced technology to review and analyze tests objectively and automatically. At the same time, candidates are given the opportunity to “sample” the positions at an early stage in the process, which dramatically reduces the chances for poor hiring decisions and turn-over.



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