Can You Spot the Hidden Cat in this Optical Illusion?

Find the Cat Optical Illusion

The internet cannot seem to get enough optical illusions. It’s fun for some, while others find it challenging.

Internet has been inundated with incredible optical illusions recently that have left netizens puzzled.

A social media viral sensation was created recently that challenged you to find a hidden cat. Even with your best efforts, you won’t be able to find the cat for long. Some may need assistance. 

Explanation of Find the Cat Optical Illusion

Today we have another optical illusion that has sparked a lot conversation on social media. The viewers are challenged by the challenge to locate a cat hiding in this picture. For more information, take a look below at the picture. 


Image Source: Times Now

It seems like we are living in an age filled with optical illusions. Reddit user shared a photo of a pile wood. The person who shared the photo asked if anyone could spot any animals in it. Most responses were negative, but there was one cat in the pile.

It’s a picture of piles and wood, and it had a cat sleeping in it. We have to find out what happened.  People are still baffled by the bizarre viral picture. We’ve all felt the frustration of knowing something is right there, but not being able to see it.

We bet you can’t find a cat in this optical illusion

Some people might find it quickly while others may take some time. However, others might not find it as soon as they first see it. There are also some people who might never find it out unless someone tells them. Now, take a look at this picture and see which category you fall into. If you are in the 1st two categories, it’s absolutely fine and if you are in category number three, don’t worry, our solution below is for you people and with our guidance, you will be able to acknowledge it.

Solution: We Bet You Can’t Find a Cat In This Optical illusion

As you can see, this cat is difficult to find. Most users couldn’t find anything except large trees and piles or wood. If you look closely, however, you’ll see a sleeping cat in the pile of wood.



Image Source: India Times

Let us help you find it. Look closely at the large pieces of wood and then zoom in on row 2 to locate a sleeping cat. The biggest obstacle to finding it was the color mismatch.

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