Call of the Night Episode 10 Release Date: Yamori Gets Jealous of Akihito Turning into a Vampire!

Call of the Night Episode 10 should be out next week. A new character joins the Vampire party. Call of the Night anime is based on the manga of the same title and is set for 13 episodes in season 1. Our main character wants to become a Vampire and that might be the end of this series. Surprised to find out that the manga has more than 150 chapters, it is still being written. We estimate that the anime will only cover 40 chapters, despite having 13 episodes. If the anime does well (which it is), we can expect to see many other seasons.

Well, that is a talk for later but for now, let’s see what we have next for the Call of the Night anime. The 10th episode of the series is coming up, and a new vampire-like character will be featured. The viewers are curious about Yamori’s next steps after watching the episode. Well, let’s talk about the upcoming episode in detail.

What might Call of the Night Episode 10 look like? Well, we cannot say for sure what exactly will happen but let’s speculate about the upcoming episode. This article will contain all the information you need about it, including its release date and time as well as where to watch it once it’s released. However, let’s first take a quick recap of the latest episode of Call of the Night and jog our memories. We present the most recent Call of the Night anime updates.

What should you expect from Call of the Night Episode 10

We saw previously that Seri is not a good friend to men who become attached to her. She convinces Yamori for a Karaoke night without Nazuna, where they learn about each other’s preferences. Yamori also learns that Seri intends to kill guys who get too attached to her, and there comes a boy named “Akihito” who is madly in love with her. Yamori rescues him from his attempt to kill her, and they both flee.

Aki und Seri

After talking with Akihito, Yamori learns about Akihito’s insecurities and feels sorry for him. Seris, who is threatening to kill Akihito, follows the pair, but Nazuna intervenes and stops him. Seri then tells them that she has had enough of the guys falling for her, and that she wants to be friends. Akihito says that he too wants to be friends, and becomes her offspring.

There is no title nor preview for the upcoming episode of Call of the Night. It is therefore difficult to speculate about the events that will take place in it. Call of the Night Episodes are episodic events. This means that a story starts in one episode and ends in another. Call of the Night Episode 10, therefore, is a continuation of the adventures of Nazuan (and Yamori) in the streets of Japan at Night.

We’ve seen them meet a variety of vampires, and that is just the beginning. We can expect Yamori’s jealousy of Aki, who is now a Vampire. Yamori might feel that it is unfair for a bystander to become a Vampire. The mental guy, also known as Aki, might be a different person because he is now a vampire. We sure will see him without his glasses which he won’t need now since he is turned into a Vampire. Below is the Call of the Night Episode 10 release date.

Call of the Night Episode 10 Expectations

Yamori getting jealous!

Call of the Night Episode 10: Release Date and Time

Call of the Night Episode 10 should be released on Friday 9 September 2022 at 1:05 PM Japanese Standard Time. These are the different times at which Call of the Night Episode 10 is available.

  • 09:05 Pacific Time, Thursday, August 8th.
  • Wednesday, September 8th at 11:05 Central Time
  • Wednesday, 8 September at 12:05 Eastern Time
  • 21:35 hours Indian Standard Time Thursday, September 8th.

Watch Call of the Night Episode 10 Online – Streaming Details

Call of the Night’s newest episodes will first be broadcast on Japanese Local Television Networks (BS-TBS, Fuji TV, TBS) These episodes will soon be available on other online streaming platforms. You can also watch the most recent episodes of Call of the Night on HIDIVE. However, some restrictions may apply.

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