Buy My House Season 1: Where is the Cast Now?

Netflix’s ‘Buy My House’ is a real-estate reality show that features landlords and homeowners from around the United States looking for a good deal for their properties. These homeowners show the most striking features of their properties to four prominent property investors who then buy them right away. Apart from getting to witness breathtaking houses from around the country, viewers also become a part of each deal as it becomes a life-changing experience in the homeowners’ lives.

Every episode in ‘Buy My House’ takes the audience into the lives of the homeowners as we get a sneak peek into their everyday routine. Fans are now curious about where the cast is currently at the moment, even though the cameras have been turned off. Don’t worry, we have all the answers!

Where are Odette Weatherspoon and Wallace Weatherspoon?

Odette Weatherspoon, Wallace Weatherspoon, and their Austin home in Circle C Ranch sold for $775,000. But they stated that they would be downsizing. They have since moved into a smaller Austin home. Odette prefers to keep her private life secret, but Wallace is currently a Creative Studio Manager at Weld North Education.

Where are Jess and Brian Johnson?

2 98

Jesss and Brian were unable to find a reasonable price for their Taos (New Mexico) home during the series. But they were open to real estate magnates coming to their property and putting a price. Nevertheless, from the looks of things, the couple is still enjoying life in their completely ecological, fully sustainable Earthship home and hasn’t sold it as of yet.

Where is Ginger Casper now?

3 86

Ginger Casper was looking to get a good price for her Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, home while on ‘Buy My House.’ Ultimately, she managed to sell it to Glenn Kelman for $720,000. Ginger is still living in Oklahoma City and works for C. Craig Cole and Associates. However, she is also the co-owner of Workflow OKC.

Mark Groves and Katia miramontes: Where are they now?

4 57

Mark and Katia wanted to find a buyer for their beautiful Indio, California property. But they turned down a $1,400,000 offer and instead chose to seek out a buyer in real estate. Both Mark and Katia are extremely successful in their professional lives. Katia works as a branch manager at Coldwell Banker’s Sherman Oaks branch, while Mark is a real estate agent at Joyce Rey Luxury Real Estate, Beverly Hills.

Where is Courtney McCorkle and Tim McCorkle?

5 54

Courtney McCorkle and Tim McCorkle sought to sell Bakersfield in California for a large sum. The couple sold their Bakersfield, California home to Danisha Wrighster in the end for $808,000. They sold it to Danisha Wrighster for $808,000.

Where are Jim and Michelle Gorman?

6 43

Michelle Gorman and Jim Gorman wanted to sell their Naples, Florida modular home made of all-steel. Pamela Liebman bought it for $440,000. The couple have since adopted privacy, and are only visible on social media with a very limited presence, which makes their whereabouts mysterious.

Where is Lee Burrell Right Now?

7 36

Lee Burrell was looking for a buyer to buy his beautiful Gainsville, Georgia property, also known by the Hygge House. The pitch ended with Lee ready to shake hands and meet Brandon, Danisha. They decided to develop a partnership. Lee currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia. He is a Blue Yonder Major Account Executive.

Where are Dan Holvick & Stephanie Mader Now?

8 31

Madison residents Stephanie Mader & Dan Holvick were excited about putting their house up for sale. The couple also accepted $1,950,000 in a deal. The couple is still based in Madison, Wisconsin. While Dan runs a commercial brokerage company, Stephanie has her own interior design business.

Where are Chris Potts and Erin Potts now?

9 28

Chris and Erin Potts bought their lovely house in Allen Park for $170,000. The couple seems to still reside in Detroit. Chris is a police officer at Detroit Police Department and Erin is a stay-at-home mom.

Where is Jay and Sandy Wong?

10 23

Jay and Sandy Wong wanted to sell their Kissimmee vacation home for a fair price. They couldn’t find a fair price and decided to decline. While the couple prefers to keep their public profile low, they do still appear to be residing in Kissimmee. Jay said that he has an architectural background which leads us to believe that Jay is working in the same field.

Where is Celine Garrett and Brent Garrett now?

11 35

Celine & Brent wanted to sell Columbia Falls, Montana home, but were not able to negotiate a fair deal. The couple decided to remain private after their appearance on the program. The couple still live in Columbia Falls, and they are proud parents of four amazing children.

Where is Dache Noldon and Audrey Noldon?

12 20

Audrey and Dache Noldon from Palmdale, California sold their house for $585,000. The couple seems to have moved to Downey where they have a wonderful life, surrounded by their family and friends.

Where are Joshua Lagos and Raul Cruz Now?

13 13

Joshua Lagos and Raul Cruz wanted to sell the beautiful house they had in Davenport. They were able to sell the property for $660,000. The couple appears to have moved into a new home in the same spot, even though the house has been sold. Raul designed their second home, which is also similar to the first. They also mentioned that they look forward to starting their own family and planning to get pets.

Where are Rachel Gainsbrugh and Jesse Gainsbrugh now?

14 13

Rachel and Jesse Gainsbrugh searched for a buyer for their beautiful property in Peachtree City (Georgia). They sold it at a very attractive $770,000. The couple stated that they were looking to build their dream beach home in Florida. However, it appears that the couple is still based in Peachtree City. Jesse works at Family Ties Counseling as an Assessor, while Rachel is a Pharmacist.

Where are Ryan Runge and Melissa Runge?

15 11

Ryan and Melissa Runge wanted to sell their San Antonio house for a fair price. The interesting thing about the house is that it was built with earthen blocks. These were made by running a machine to compress dirt. Although Melissa and Ryan failed to find a buyer for their home, Glenn Kelman decided to invest in the couple’s earthen block business. Within months of Glenn investing in the business, Melissa and Ryan’s sales went through the roof, and the couple found themselves on a multi-million dollar run. Melissa and Ryan currently reside in San Antonio Texas where they own Advanced Earthen Construction Technologies.

Where is Lafonda William-Stelly Right Now?

16 7

Lafonda Williams Stelly wanted to sell her Leesville house, Louisiana, while she was on the program. But, eventually, Lafonda and the tycoons teamed up to start a company that will buy up houses in need of repair and bring new life into them. Lafonda, who is still living in Leesville in Louisiana, is apparently doing well in her new venture. However, it will interest readers to learn that she is also a survivor of cancer.

Where are Erin and Kassidy Warren?

17 4

Kassidy and Erin Warren wanted their Cleveland, Ohio rental property to be sold at a fair price. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to find a reasonable deal and had to decline all the offers. The couple lives in Washington State, and has a rental property company with properties in Arizona and Ohio.

Where are Nic Ramos & Adam Brown Now?


Nic Ramos and Adam Brown appeared on the show to sell their Nashville property. The couple struck a deal and were able to sell the property for $585,000. They were able to reach a deal and sold the home for $585,000. In September 2022, Nic and Adam are expected to get married.

Where is Barry Pryor and Alisha Harries Now?


Barry Pryor & Alisha Harris were excited to sell their Nassau, New York house to an interested purchaser. They were unable to reach a deal but the tycoons said that they would be willing to assist the couple if they wanted to make it a wedding venue. However, it appears that the couple remain in Nassau. There, they enjoy a happy life with their family. Moreover, Alisha currently works as a Short Term Rental Owner & Manager, while Barry is employed as a Business Development Manager at Veolia North America.

Where is Joy and Brandon Harris?


Joy and Brandon Harris wanted the sale of their gorgeous house on Niceville’s coast. They sold it to Glenn Kelman for $760,000. The couple and their two children have now moved out of Niceville. Additionally, the couple mentioned that Joy is a registered nursing nurse in the army while Brandon is involved with transportation, maintenance, field feeding.

Where are Eric and Christine Grossarth?

21 7

Eric Grossarth and Christine Grossarth appeared on the show with their intention to sell their Osprey home in Florida. They were not able to negotiate a deal, and they ended up with no offer. The couple seems to be still based out Osprey. Although they prefer to keep their professional lives secret, Christine and Eric stated that they would move when they find a suitable buyer.

Where is Myreya and Michael Dewey now?

22 8

Myreya Dewey and Michael Dewey wanted a competitive price for their Detroit, Michigan property. But, they eventually entered into a partnership with Brandon Copeland. They were excited to do business with him. The pair currently resides in Detroit where they own a house flipping and buying business. They also employ people with life-challenging issues to give them a fresh start. Myreya is also the owner and operator of Holy Yoga Detroit, her Yoga studio.

Where are Jack Bennett & Brandon Bennett?

23 4

Jack Bennett and Brandon Bennett wanted to sell their Longmont home in Colorado. The house was designed by the Bennetts, but they were unable to find a deal. Interestingly, the father-son duo still reside in Longmont, and Brandon dreams of being Colorado’s top house-flipper at some point in time. However, at present, he is focused on increasing his portfolio and hosts the popular podcast ‘Dog Friendly,’ where his father is an occasional guest.

Where is Stephen Parker Now?

24 3

Stephen Parker was interested selling his Richmond property, California, for a good price. In the end, he sold it to Glenn Kelman at $650,000. Stephen currently resides in Oakland, California. There he enjoys a happy life with his loved ones. In addition, Stephen was a Greystone Real estate advisor until January 2022, and now he owns and manages his own realty company, First Capital Financial Pacific, Inc.

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