Brain Teaser Puzzles: Can You Find The Mistake With In 10 Seconds?

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Brain Teaser Puzzles

The easiest way to get people thinking is by simply testing your observational skills. It doesn’t require maths knowledge or lateral thinking. The mistake is made and you are asked to correct it. Although you won’t be able to see it immediately, once you do, you’ll be ashamed.

Can You Find the Mistake in 10 Seconds?

The numbers do not tell the story. The word “the” is repeated twice, that is the mistake. This puzzle has a logic. Our brains immediately begin scanning the screen and continue looking even if an error is found. People will immediately consider the numbers and when they don’t find an error there, they will look at the colours. Instructions are rarely read by people. 


A riddle is a question, phrase, or statement that has two or more meanings and is presented as a puzzle. Conundrums can be questions that rely on the ability to answer the query or to guess the answer. Enigmas, on the other hand, are problems that require creativity and careful thought.


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