Blue Lock Episode 1 Recap and Ending, Explained

In the first episode of ‘Blue Lock’ titled ‘Dream,’ Isagi Yoichi, an aspiring footballer receives a letter from Japan Football Union to visit their office for special training. He learns later that Japan’s top footballers are invited to visit their office in order to help them find the future striker. Here’s everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Blue Lock’ episode 1. SPOILERS BEFORE!

Blue Lock Episode 1: Recap

Ichinan, Matsukaze and Kokuo are competing for the right to be in the finals of the Saitama prefecture tournament. The game is at its final minutes, and Ichinan has an already-large lead of 1-0. Luckily, Ichinan’s striker Isagi Yoichi finally gets a pass, and he outmaneuvers every defender to take the ball close to the goalpost. He decides to pass it to his teammate, who is in a better place, but he misses by a few inches. Matsukaze counterattacks, scoring another goal thanks to Ryosuke Kiara, who is now a guaranteed win.

Isagi receives a special invitation from Japan Football Union when he returns home later that night. The next day, he visits the Japan Football Union’s office and discovers that several of the top Japanese footballers are also invited. Jinpachi Ego later greets the players, telling them that he intends to make one player the best striker in the world so that Japan can win a World Cup. He said that the country is not lacking in teamwork and camaraderie but has never had an egotistical striker on the big stage.

Many footballers are offended when Jinpachi downplays teamwork while praising individual greatness. Ryusoku Kira, for example, mentions that Jinpachi disrespects some Japanese players. Jinpachi insists that people can leave if they wish. He has taken on the responsibility of helping Japan win the world cup, regardless of the cost. Jinpachi is able to convince most of the young players by giving examples of top footballers from around the world who were selfish on the pitch and did not care about the team.

With the promise of greatness ringing in their ears, the three hundred most promising strikers from Japan accept Jinpachi’s offer to compete for a chance to become the best in the world. Soon they are taken to the Blue Lock. Isagi is asked to visit a specific area. Upon his arrival, he sees Kira-kun with other strikers waiting to hear from the association. Soon enough Jinpachi is able to communicate via video conferencing with them. Jinpachi informs anxious players that all the Blue Lock facility players have been ranked according to his biased and arbitrary decision as well as an accurate quantification of their capabilities.

These rankings could change depending on the performance of strikers at training events or matches. The U-20 World Cup Japan will be open to the top five. But to everyone’s shock, Jinpachi also adds that the footballers who will lose at Blue Lock will also lose the chance to represent Japan forever. In order to start their training, Jinpachi organizes a game of tag using football and tells the players that the person who is “it” at the end of 136 seconds, will be eliminated from the facility.

Isagi met Gurimu Igarshi, a young and driven guy who communicated via video conferencing with Jinpachi before he could reach out to the players. He plans to be a footballer and not inherit the temple from his parents. Blue Lock is his only chance at achieving his seemingly impossible dreams. If he fails, he could lose the chance to play for Japan football forever. Each aspiring player is aware of the high stakes and must put their best foot forward.

Blue Lock Episode 1: Why does Isagi refuse to eliminate Gurimu Igarashi from Blue Lock? Who is the first player to leave Blue Lock?

Since Gurimu is ranked 300, he is “it,” by default and is forced to kick off the game. Gurimu initially tries to attack Isagi because he too has a low ranking. But he soon tries to hit everyone he can. Gurimu fails to hit his targets and panics. His eyes then turn to Bachira who appears to still be asleep. Bachira flips, and lands a devastating kick on his face just as he is about kick the football towards his face. Although he manages to avoid getting hit, Rensuke doesn’t appreciate his rough style and tells him to stop playing dirty.

Gurimu gets distracted and Rensuke hits him with the ball. Rensuke is quick to react and accidentally hits Isagi as he tries to hit Gurimu. Isagi quickly gathers his courage and chases down the other players, even though the ball crashes in his stomach. Gurimu is caught after he has injured his leg from all the chaos. Isagi is unable to eliminate Gurimu, but he remembers the last match when he decided to pass it. He feels that he doesn’t want to be the same person as he used to be and that he must beat stronger players if he wishes to be the best in the game.

Bachira is impressed with his determination and decides to take the ball from him. Then he targets Kira who is one the most talented players at the game. Although Kira manages to evade a few attacks, Bachira eventually kicks the ball in Isagi’s direction, who is just in the right position at the right time. He doesn’t hesitate to take the football and eliminates Kira at the end of the tag game.

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