Blue Box Chapter 72 Release Date: Will He Confess?

Blue Box is an ongoing manga written and illustrated by Kōji Miura. This manga was created in 2021. It is considered one of the best multi-genre mangas. It is a romantic comedy between Taiki Inomata and Chinatsu Kanno. These two are athletes at the same time, with the former being on the boys’ badminton team and the other one on the girls’ basketball team.

This manga is a great choice for those who want to enjoy a mixture of romance and athletes as well as comedy and competition. Taiki at Eimei Junior, and Chinatsu Senior High share a passion for helping their teams reach the national championship. Their love story seemed difficult at first when we realized that Chinatsu is one of the best at her game and is considered to be “the rising star of the basketball team.”

Taiki is only beginning to question his potential and place in the team, and is not near as popular as Chinatsu. But he gets a chance to change his idea of never getting near Chinatsu and change their bond as soon as Chinatsu moves in with Taiki’s family as her parents migrate overseas.

Previously in Chapter 71. (Spoilers!

Chapter 71 starts with a change of scenery, but the team’s condition is still the same in the Joint Training Camp. The Autumn Training Camp is a camp where students from the three clubs – Badminton, Basketball, and Rhythmic Gymnastics have arrived to honor the school’s founding anniversary. Badminton teams are undergoing intense training and running around in sprints.

After doing their exercises, they feel exhausted and take some time to rest. Then, they watch the basketball team run past and wonder how they’re still up after all the mountain sprints. They assume it’s probably because their gym is nearby, and they have to run to it. Soon enough, the rhythmic gymnast’s team passes the fellow two teams in a bus. It is then told that their gym is the farthest, and that is why they can’t even jog to it, which makes the badminton team feel lucky that their facility is connected to the building, but the basketball team still complains about it.

Taiki wishes that he could play against Haryu, and team up with him to practice, since he is the most skilled player on the team. However, Haryu instantly declines the offer. The team complains about the “scenery,” which is a laughable moment since the temperature has become a bit cooler to practice in, but the court remains the same. The chapter moves onto one of the best moments to read, perhaps as we watch the build-up of the group to play King’s game- the card version.

As the night continues, the group settles down. Each person picks a card and must do the exact same thing. The whole group watches as one of them talks like a cat and gets her hair done like Chinatsu. It’s hilarious, but also cute. But the very important moment is when Taiki picks up his card and has to tell who he likes (romantically, not the parents’ love)!

Blue Box Chapter 71

When will Blue Box Chapter 72 become available?  

Blue Box fans are very excited to see Chapter 72. We have been anticipating the release of Chapter 72.


Blue Box Chapter 72 will be released as per its regular weekly schedule. Blue Box Chapter 72 is due to be published on October 9, 2022. Even though we don’t have the exact timings for the chapter’s release, we can assume that the platforms will take time to be available to fans across the world. We all can merely hope that Taiki’s fate endures no more twists and turns, and we get to see a happy couple at the end of this chapter!

How to Read Blue Box Chapter 72 

These chapters will be available for you to read online Shueisha’s Manga Plus app For the original Japanese version, click here Viz Media The English version is available here. 



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